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These are yummy fresh from the oven. They taste like egg custards. At first I thought they were done when they looked a bit firm and had a speck of brown in it, so took them all out except 3 which still looked soft. The remaining ones in the oven that became brown (not burnt!) shown that they rose 1/4 in size and 1 of those that was outside the oven has collapsed a bit in the center so I returned them all in again and they still did rise a little and when cooled they'd go down a bit in the center but not as much as the first time and were firmer. also placed leftover lemon cream from Yummy Yogurt Dessert which was about 2 tbsp so they gave a very very mild hint of lemon. Finished 2 servings of 12 as I write this. Great to have also to serve for visitors. Thanks, Marlitt!

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Pneuma April 26, 2008
Små Flødekager -Small Cream Cakes - (Danish)