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We had goat stewmeat instead of a whole piece, so we changed the procedure. However, we used all the ingredients except the vinegar and sugar. The preparation of the chiles was new to us, but worth doing, as is roasting the garlic and tomato. Those details make a huge difference in the outcome, I believe. It is very delicious and we are anxious to get a large piece of goat so we can follow the recipe exactly. I know it will be better yet! Thank you, Diana!

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Marietta Mary Lou February 10, 2003

The last time I was in Chapala I made this recipe for friends, both Gringo y Mexicano. They were so pleased and impressed. It can be made with lamb or goat. I prefer goat..... young goat.... cabrito. Don't be put off by using cabrito. Trust me... go for it!!! T.J.

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davinandkennard July 24, 2007
Slow steamed goat or lamb with mild chile seasoningBirria de Chivo o de Carnero