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Fall of the bone deliciouness I used 3 lamb shanks with an average weight of 500g each (not frenched cut) and think 4 hours would have been plenty at 120C fan forced (mine got 4 1/4 hours and looked a little burnt/dry on top but were moist and delectable). I had one disaster in doing the straining, removed the lamb shanks into a oven proof dish, covered and placed in a 50C non fan forced oven and then proceded to strain but after puting through the regular colander decided to use the finer one sat it in the regular one BUT FORGOT TO THE BOWL UNDER IT, realized and wooshed it over to the bowl and finished pouring and saved about half of it so did not procede in reducing by boiling as I was going to and added the corn flour but not the beef gravy granules (as we find them far too salty) and I used a full flavour home made lamb stock. I added the cooked vegies (finely diced cooked carrots, celery and onion to the gravy and poured over the shanks on the plate), served with the caramilised onions - which when I added the sugar and balsamic vinegar [after the first cooking to soften them and the adding of the sugar and balsamioc gave a great flavour to the onion] I turned them to a really low simmer and with an occassional stir let them go for 45 minutes to give them a really good depth of flavour - I only used to 2 large red onions but was wishing I used more. Served with a creamy baked mashed potatoe and some garlic bread and we were all in heaven, thank you big time The Flying Chef, made for Make My Redipe Edition 11.

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I'mPat June 04, 2010

Simple but great tasting. I also made this without the caramalised onions but the meat and sauce itself was great. One thing to watch is that the baking dish is of the right dimensions so that the meat is covered by liquid the whole time. Part of my shanks were uncovered and resulted in being a bit dry despite best efforts to turn them a few times.

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rhysa May 20, 2010

Fabulous! The flavour in this dish is amazing, the whole family enjoyed it. I did not make the caramalised onions as I didnt have any, but the rest was very simple to put together. I didnt add any bisto to the gravy, just thickened it with cornflour and it as lovely. I thought it would be too sweet, but it worked perfectly. Thanks for sharing.

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loveandpeas August 25, 2008
Slow Roasted Lamb Shank With Caramelised Onion