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Nigella's recipe is one of our go-to favorites. The slow (300F) oven does something magical to the simplicity of chicken, lemons and garlic, and the final time at 400F brings it to crispy, browned perfection. The only variation we've ever tried is adding one quarter of a preserved lemon (very thinly sliced, using both flesh and peel) about an hour into the slow, covered cooking. This is totally not necessary, but by the time the chicken is done, the preserved lemon has virtually disappeared, adding yet another layer of wonderful flavor. Either way, this is divine! Roasted broccoli spears make an ideal accompaniment, taking just 10 minutes in the hot oven while the chicken rests on the counter just before serving.

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~Lauri~ October 02, 2010
Slow-Roasted Garlic & Lemon Chicken