Slow Cooker Split Pea and Ham Soup

Total Time
8hrs 30mins
30 mins
8 hrs

Easy and delicious! Very thick and hearty! Freezes well! (I always make a double batch and freeze 2/3.) Update: If you overcook, the soup will get even thicker than usual! and turn a little bit of an olive drab color--it will still taste good though!

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  1. Layer ingredients in slow cooker in the order listed.
  2. Pour in water. Do not stir!
  3. Cover and cook on low 8 to 10 hours or until peas are very soft and ham falls off bone.
  4. Remove bones and bay leaf.
  5. Serve!
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Very good and easy. I used up a ham bone that has been using up freezer space. I made on Saturday to eat on Sunday. It was VERY thick on Sunday, so I thinned it out a bit with some water. Not a problem-- that way it can be adjusted to everyone's liking. Very tasty and fragrant! Since I used the ham bone, I omitted the salt altogether, and did not miss it.

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This is a great recipe. I omited the carrot because I didn't have any and added a sprinkle of ground red pepper, 2 boullion cubes and a slash of liquid smoke for a smokey flavor. A keeper and I will use the recipe from now on! Thank you!

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Delicious! I added lots more carrots, and substituted 2 quarts chicken broth for the 1.5 quarts water, based on the other reviewers' suggestions that it needed more liquid. Leftovers were even better than the first night.