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Good the first day. Great on the second day! I used 2 tablespoons of hickory seasoning (liquid smoke) and when adding the bbq sauce I added approx 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar to give it some tang. But the vinegar may not be necessary depending on the type of sauce used. I was using original Sweet Baby Rays and it needed kicked up a little. This is my new pulled pork recipe from here on out. Good recipe!

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Rich Holder June 06, 2009

This was amazing! I have made it twice now, for just myself and my boyfriend, and it never makes it to the freezer. Thanks For this!

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Tanya84 December 20, 2008

Great, easy recipe for pulled pork! The flavors are very mild on the first day, but the overnight rest and infusion of fresh ingredients REALLY makes the dish be all it can be. It'd be great if the ingredient list in the recipe said to separate part of the onion and garlic (I wound up with the full amount in the crock pot from the start, adding more in for the overnight rest, which tasted just fine regardless). I also thought that the whole thing was a little flat, adding in about 1/2 c of apple cider vinegar and a good bit of salt. Next time I make this dish, I'll also add in a couple of dry chilis for a bit of heat, and make sure the vinegar and salt go in the cooker at the start to fully flavor the meat. Nonetheless, this is a great, quick way to get a hearty meal ready and I'll be adding it to my recipes! Thanks!

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Vinya April 05, 2011
Slow Cooker Pulled Pork