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Definately comfort food satisfaction. Got up a 6am to start this, hoping that by 4 or so, (halftime of the game) would be ready. Worked out very well. I used white hominy, and used some Tex-Mex shredded cheese, and sour cream, for toppings. I did add a scant teaspoon of chili powder just for a personal preference. The end result was more than satisying, and perfect for a chili day here. Love the idea that this is a slow cooker recipe, and the aroma throughout the house during the morning, and mid afternoon had us waiting in anticipation for this delightful dinner. Made for your win in Football Pool.

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weekend cooker November 25, 2012

This is definitely a stew - meat and beans! Not much juice to it for sure - just a very hearty dish. Very nice flavor with just the taco seasoning and ranch mix too - it really does not need anything else. We topped with tortilla chips and shredded mexican cheeses. Thanks for posting twissis - made for ZWT8 Family Picks from the Mexico/SouthwestUS/TexMex APCB and the Herbaceous Curvaceous Honeys.

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FloridaNative September 03, 2012

This is now cooking away in the crock pot. I'm waiting until later to see if I want to add the 5 ounces of water. I know we are going to like the taste of this 'stew'. I may add kosher salt to my bowl. Very easy to mix up and go about your busy the rest of the day, with no worry what's for dinner. I made this for Zaar World Tour 8 for the Bistro Babes team"

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Charlotte J August 29, 2012
Slow Cooker Mexican Stew (Zwt-8)