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Loved this! Burned after 3 1/2 hours so next time I will cook for less time and it will be perfect!

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danieM June 02, 2010

We loved this and it was so easy to make. I layered it into the crockpot starting with meat, peppers, onion, sauce then cheese 3 times. I rinsed out the sauce cans with a little water. I think the dryness someone talk about might be fixed by mixing the sauce with the cooked pasta. Mine was done in 4 hours. I think it would have been done in 3 if I cooked the peppers with the gr beef. I will be making this again!! Now I have to make 4 copies of this for parents since the kids loved it so much. Made for *Zaar Stars* game 2008

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Charlotte J January 14, 2008

This was a delicious flavour. I didnt follow receipe exact. Instead of pizza sauce i used 2 cans of wholse tomatos in puree and mashed them before putting in. I also layed like a lasagne, first mince, then green pepper, also added layer of onion finely chopped and mushroom. Then cheeses and pasta, only made 2 layers. I took advice of someone elses review and mixed the sauce with the pasta first before layering and added 1 can of water and tablespoon of garlic. I topped with cheese and thyme. Cooked on low for 4 hours. Next time I will add 2 cans of tomatoes instead of one for a more intense tomato flavour. Even my 2 year old fussy eater son ate this all up. I found that the tomatoes added a real homemade taste to this dish, instead of the pizza sauce. Thanks will definently do again.

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basicook June 23, 2008

This is comfort food! Made as directed, except that I used low carb rgatoni pasta. DH asked why I didn't use sausage, and I replied that the recipe called for hamburger! Duh! He had seconds, BTW! Thanks, bmcnichol! Made for Aussie New Zealand Recipe Swap.

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mersaydees May 10, 2009

As written this lasagna is very economical and quick to throw together! It's a great basic recipe that can be adapted to fit anyones tastes. I think without making any changes it might be a little on the mild side for us, so I added a few things (jalapeno, cottage cheese, ricotta cheese, garlic, onion, parmesan) and reduced the amount of shredded cheeses... only so that I could get everything in my crockpot, lol! Everyone seemed to enjoy this at our game day gathering yesterday. I cooked on High for 3 hours since the game started at Noon and it was heated through, then I switched to Lo while the game was going - most everyone had seconds. I served with a salad of mixed greens and garlic bread. It served 5 big eaters for lunch and 3 small servings as leftovers for dinner.

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Brooke the Cook in WI October 06, 2008

A truly easy recipe to follow, one you can make when time is at a premium and it's also extremely adaptable. I made mine with the pork/veal mince - or ground meat - I always use for meatballs, meatloaf etc.. My only variations were to add 4 cloves of minced garlic to the minced onion (I used one medium-sized onion), to use a red pepper instead of a green pepper (personal taste preference), and to use 2 cans of super-flavoursome Italian roma tomatoes instead of the pizza sauce and probably two cupfuls of sliced mushrooms (bought sliced, so they were SO easy to add!). I also added oregano and thyme, and since the tomatoes had relatively little fluid, a cup of red wine (Merlot). The relatively small amount of fluid in the tomatoes is always such a bonus as it allows for the addition of wine, and the mushrooms were great to further counter-balance what could be a problem with the lasagna drying out, as mushrooms always release liquid. I cooked my lasagna on low for five hours. 'Twas SO delicious and was greatly enjoyed by those who ate it. And we had ample for a second meal, which we were delighted about! Made for New Stars Tag. Thanks bmcnichol for sharing this great slow cooker recipe which I'll certainly make again and again. I am thinking that next time I’ll reduce the quantity of the other two cheeses to allow room for some feta, and I will probably also throw in some pitted kalamata olives too!

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bluemoon downunder July 23, 2008

This was delicious! I also added garlic and Romano cheese instead of the cheddar! Plenty leftover for a second night. It was even tastier the second night. Thanks bmcnichol

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RecipeNut July 11, 2008

This is good and easy to make. The flavors blend very nicely. I followed recipe except I added minced garlic instead of onions. Also I used spaghetti sauce 26 oz plus 8 oz tomato sauce for the pizza sauce. In my crockpot it was starting to burn after 3 hours on low. I think my crockpot must cook hotter than other peoples. Made for Holiday Tag.

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Lavender Lynn January 02, 2008

This is so good/easy/simple to make. I wanted to see if it was different than the one I make. Slow Cooker Pizza. Very, very similar. You can make this most anyway you want depending on tastes in your household. I followed your recipe almost exact. I left out the peppers so everyone would enjoy it!! Thanks for the post bmcnichol.

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CoffeeB November 26, 2007

I used cooked lasagna, and mushrooms instead of green pepper. I reduced the amount of cheese to make it a bit healthier. And I used 2 x 28 ounces can of whole tomatoes with basil and thyme. I cooked 2 hours on high heat and 2 hours on low heat. Thanks BmcNichol :) Made for market tag

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Boomette November 14, 2007
Slow Cooker Lasagna