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Good tasting recipe. Did make a few changes~~had no tapioca so I floured the meat , browning it
with the onions.
Did not make a foil pack~just put everything in crock pot and cooked for 5 hours on low.
Added a few pinches of sugar to decrease the tartness of the tomato paste.
Good but a bit to tomato tasting, Good but not my favorite.

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mamawJ January 09, 2013

This stew is WONDERFUL! I did not have parsnips but did add celery. Cooking in the hobo pack works great, plan to try it with other recipes. Did not have tapioca, so thickened it slightly with corn starch just before serving. What a beautiful dish, the colors were just perfect! Thanks for sharing.

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Galley Wench April 28, 2009

Great recipe, Lainey! I too subscribe to Cook's Country magazine and saw you had posted it here just when I direly needed it to fix for my friend and her husband after her kidney transplant. I almost perfectly halved the recipe, but added some of my favorites; fresh sliced mushrooms while sauteeing the onions, and some rutabaga, yam, and celery along with the carrots in the steam packet. I used 1 can of low sodium beef broth and about a cup of home-made gravy left from last night's dinner, and 1 tablespoon of the quick tapioca. I'm sure it came out just the consistency as you describe (coats the back of a spoon), and is wonderful for dipping dinner rolls...YUM! I left out the soy sauce because of the health problem and because I used the leftover gravy. I have a Corning large round crockpot, and it seems to run really hot. I started everything out on high, after 4 hours dumped the steamed vegies back in and let it just sit to get the gravy and veggies to blend, and the veggies were still holding together for packing, freezing and reheating. Thanks Lainey! Dee-Lish.

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Chef PotPie February 27, 2008
Slow Cooker Hearty Beef Stew