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I made this over the weekend, and HOLY COW this was good! The texture was about perfect, and although it was a bit sweet, it was perfectly rich and onion-y. I couldn't find Beef bones at the local grocery store, so I ended up searing some ox tails and adding them to the crock, and they worked out perfect. Although not traditional, I added the shredded ox tail back to the soup for a nice meaty touch. Give this recipe a shot, and can't get any easier.

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CheeseMcGee September 02, 2014

This is an easy and tasty recipe. I've made it twice (since winter won't seem to leave the midwest). It has a velvety texture and smells wonderful while it's simmering. It doesn't have a predominately onion flavor that a traditionalist might expect. The sherry and apple butter are noticeable but quite tasty, I think. I'll definitely make this again and again.<br/><br/>One note: the first time I cooked this on high for 11 hrs. It really scorched the inside of my crock. Eventually I was able to get all the cooked on onion / sugar off. The second time I cooked it on low and added about 1/2 c water. I cooked it for 11 hrs. also. The taste wasn't quite as strong but the scorching didn't happen.<br/><br/>Also, I agree the nutrituional info seems to be wrong. I ran this through one of the online nutritional calculators (I didn't do the bread/cheese part since I'm avoiding carbs). I came up w/ 270 calories, 40 g carbs, and 8g fat.

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jmarkp December 03, 2013

This is sweeter than traditional french onion soup and the onions aren't as tender as they are in traditional versions. But that being said, traditional french onion soup is very time consuming to make. This is a snap and the flavor is really very good. Without the cheese croutons, the soup is very low in calories as well. (I'm pretty sure the nutritional facts listed for this recipe are wrong in any regard.)

I thought the soup needed a bit more salt, but I also used homemade stock, to which I add very little salt to begin with. I you are using prepared stock, it should be fine. I may reduce the apple butter to half a cup next time to offset some of the sweetness, but otherwise the recipe is very good.

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tallenmorgan November 24, 2012
Slow-Cooker French Onion Soup(Cook's Country)