Slow Cooker Creamy Herbed Chicken Stew

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Total Time
8hrs 30mins
30 mins
8 hrs

Betty Crocker

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  1. In a 5-6 quart slow cooker, place the carrots, potatoes, onion, and celery; sprinkle with 1 teaspoon thyme, the salt and pepper.
  2. Top with chicken; pour in the broth.
  3. Cover; cook on LOW for 6-8 hours, adding the pea pods for the last 5-10 minutes of cooking.
  4. Remove the chicken and vegetables from the cooker to serving bowl, using slotted spoon; cover to keep warm.
  5. Increase heat setting to HIGH; in a small bowl, mix whipping cream, flour, and 1 teaspoon thyme; stir into liquid in cooker.
  6. Cover and cook about 10 minutes or until thickened (don't let mixture boil).
  7. Pour sauce over chicken and vegetables.
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This was so easy to make and very very good.. The chicken was fall apart good, The Thyme imparted a great flavor to the sauce. I did not have any gold potatoes and used Idaho potatoes.You will be glad to make this fantastic comfort food.