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Sage it does not get any easier! This was made for dinner last Thursday night and DH and I thoroughly enjoyed your soup. I never did barley in a crock and was a bit worried but then said it must be ok. I did add in some potatoes as I had 2 cooked ones in the fridge and an extra chicken breast as DH loves lots of meat in his soup.. I did not add mushrooms (not allowed). We loved it. I did freeze 2 containers for future dinners. Served with fresh rolls and a spnach salad. A definite keeper. I will be making this in the summer as well because I won't have to heat up my house and we love soup! Made for Soup-Fest 2011

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Chef1MOM-Connie February 05, 2011

I skipped the microwave and just put everything in the crock pot, adding the mushrooms in the last hour. The only change I'd make would be to add more barley. I had a bag of Garlic Bagel Crisps with broken pieces in it, so I put that on top of the soup. WOW, that was a great addition. Made for "I've saved all these recipes!" March Diabetic Tag

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Charlotte J March 02, 2012

What a fine soup! Prep. is quick and the rest takes care of itself. I did do this on top of the stove and it worked well. We love barley here and nice to have another soup to use it in. I had a couple of leftover potatoes (boiled) so I chopped them up and threw them in with the chicken. So nice to have a great WW soup which will be made many more times. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Made for ZWT6 for the X-tra Hot Dishes.

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GaylaV June 01, 2010

Absolutely wonderful! As this was going to be dinner after I got home from work I altered the directions a bit -- by basically skipping the precooking/microwaving and just tossed everything in the crockpot including the uncooked cut up chicken and put it on low for 6 hours and then my crockpot goes to warm (probably about 9 hours total). Perfectly thick and wonderful hearty soup/stew with very little calories -- yummy! This is only about 3 or 4 WW points -- so a definite keeper which we will be having again and again (especially since I almost always have all the ingredients on hand!) Made for ZWT 6. Thanks for sharing!

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ellie_ May 30, 2010

Great soup and sooo easy to put together. I used about 1 lb uncooked chicken breasts, left whole and placed in the bottom of the crock pot, added everything on top (also leaving mushrooms whole) and doubled the garlic. I also added 1/2 t. dried thyme.
Cooked on low at least 8 hours and "pulled" the chicken apart. What a wonderful, comforting soup. Thanks for sharing!

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Larawithoutau February 28, 2013

Rita, this is an excellent soup! I love barley, probably my favorite grain, but there are very few recipes that really use it. I love how light this soup is & how easy it is to make! I had planned to make it but by the time I did we'd used the mushrooms in another recipe. :( I followed the rest of the recipe as written & added a bit of fresh thyme when I served it. Thanks for sharing this delicious soup! Made & enjoyed for ZWT6 Team Xtra Hot Dishes! :D

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**Tinkerbell** June 03, 2010

We really enjoyed this recipe, and I personally appreciated the lack of added fats! I had some frozen raw turkey in my freezer that was desperate to be used, so I threw it (frozen) into the crock pot instead of chicken then shredded it when the cooking was done. I was very surprised at how much flavor this soup has despite not containing lots of different spices. Sometimes simple is just tastier! Oh, and I didn't use the microwave to prep; I just cooked for about 5 hours on high. Thanks for posting. Made for the Mischief Makers, ZWT 6.

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smellyvegetarian May 26, 2010
Slow Cooker Chicken Barley Soup