Slow Cooker Borscht

READY IN: 8hrs 20mins
Recipe by Foxxyladyone

This is a really delicious recipe that I've been making for years. Everyone who tries it wants the recipe! You have to spend a little time chopping all the veggies, but once you do, you just pop it into the slow cooker and let it go! Husband approved. :)

Top Review by cindysuerae

Thank you, Foxxyladyone, for sharing this delicious recipe. I made it last night and it was very very good. My only minor complaint is that I wish the instructions were more detailed. For example, it does not say what size the beets should be chopped. I ended up looking at other Borscht recipes to see what they indicated. Some say to shred the beets, while others say to dice them. I ended up cutting them in halves and cutting each half until they were about an inch. The same goes for the potatoes. I ended up chopping them slightly larger than the beets because I know how they can break down when they cook, but it would been nice for the instructions to say how you make it. Other than those two minor things, the Borscht was delicious, though time consuming, but I would definitely make this again.

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  1. Combine the beef and all the chopped vegetables except the cabbage in your slow cooker. You're going to need a BIG oval one; if you have a smaller crock pot, you'll need to adjust the recipe accordingly.
  2. Combine 2 cups of the beef broth with the tomato paste, vinegar, brown sugar, parsley, salt, dill weed, pepper, and bay leaf. Mix to combine, then pour over the vegetable/beef mix.
  3. If the vegetable/beef mix is not completely covered by the liquid, top off with the extra beef broth until they are.
  4. Cover and cook on the low heat setting for 8 and 1/2 hours. You can cheat and use high heat for 4 hours if you're in a hurry, but don't expect it to be as good.
  5. When the 8 and 1/2 hours are up, turn your cooker onto high heat and add the shredded cabbage. Cover again and cook on high for 30 minutes to an hour depending upon how soft you like your cabbage.
  6. Remove the bay leaf. Ladle into a bowl and garnish with two tablespoons of sour cream.

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