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mmmm,mmmm, Good! So simple and so hearty and satisfying. I gave it 8 hrs on low and it was so tender that no knife was needed. As I didn't have any round steak I used a rump roast. The gravy I did thicken with 1 1/2 tsps of cornstarch, just to suite our preferences, but the flavor needed no adjustment in any way. I always brown a roast before I put it in the Slow Cooker and that was the only work to this recipe and even that is a option. This is an adopted tag for Sharon 1-2-3 in the Zaar Tag game. Sharon, I wish I could send you a big portion of this!

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Annacia December 10, 2006

I have been searching for a crock pot recipe for round steak for ages. I generally make Swiss steak with round steak and love the flavor, but pounding the steaks with flour is time consuming and messy. This was quick to prepare and a hit with our entire family, including two pre-schoolers. I served with mashed potatoes and a vegetable on the side. Gravy was thick and flavorful. We like our foods with lots of spices, but if you are sensitive to salt, I would suggest using low sodium beef broth and/or reduced sodium mushroom soup. Great recipe. Thank you, Lainey6605!

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AmberMomOfTwoBoys January 05, 2012

What a great recipe. The taste is fabulous. All this gravy is so good. I used a rump roast that I browned first after reading Annacia's review. I cooked it 5 hours and it was perfect. Thanks Lainey :) Made for PRMR tag game

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Boomette November 10, 2011

I made this last night and was impressed with how easy and delicious it was. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it needed some salt and a zing of paprika. Once we added that in, it was 6 stars out of 5! PS: I plan to turn this into French dip sandwiches tomorrow!

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stephie_j December 01, 2009

I used the low sodium soup to help cut back on the salt, then proceeded with the recipe. The meat turned out tender and the gravy was really good! I did serve mine over buttered noodles instead of with mashed potatoes, and we loved it! Thank you so much for sharing it with us Lainey! Made for Zaar Stars Tag Game 3/09 Linda

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Linda's Busy Kitchen March 15, 2009

Wow was this ever yummy! I did have to make some adaptations. Beef is not really on the list of good foods for me to eat with IBS but I made it for my bf mostly. He loves beef and mushrooms. To at least avoid the dairy problem which I need to avoid, I used 16oz of Imagine brand Creamy Portobello Soup, no water, and 1/2 cup of beef broth made with Herb Ox brand beef bouillon powder, 1 1/2 cups of sliced mushrooms 1 small onion, and generous dashes of black pepper. My steak was just over 1 1/2lbs worth and it was sliced packaged in large slices. I cooked for 7 hours on low and decided to serve on No Yolks Egg Noodles. The steak was so tender and the gravy so flavorful. Bf said it reminded him of beef stroganoff but not as thick. My gravy didn't thicken up much because of the adaptations I had to make, but neither of us minded. I prob could have thickened it up with a cornstarch slurry, but didn't bother. Bf had several servings and this recipe is definitely a winner! Thanks for sharing Lainey! :) Made for Please Review My Recipe tag game.

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blancpage October 28, 2008

This one is all stars. I prepared as directed with the exception of using beef broth instead of water. I also got a late start so I cooked it on high for 4 hr. The meat certainly cooked through but was not yet able to be cut with a fork. I turned it on low for 2 more hrs and it was much more tender. Served over egg noodles and a side of steamed peas. My 6 yr old cleaned her plate making it a keeper in this house. Thank you Lainey

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ZaarAddict August 07, 2008

This meal couldn't be any easier and it tastes delicious. A truly comforting meal.

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potions April 07, 2008

This was awesome! I used a 2 1/2 lb chuck roast and added a cup or so of sliced mushrooms. Thickened the gravy with corn starch, and had it with boiled new potatoes. The roast practically fell apart when I took it out of the crock pot! I will be using only this recipe from now on!

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Lilkari23 March 12, 2008

Very easy to make with few ingredients. I agree that with a full day of cooking, tends to get a bit dry, even with an extra half-cup water. I'll probably add even more water next time to ensure that I have enough sauce for the noodles. Taste was quite yummy and meat was extremely tender. It just fell apart like a roast.

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morganbethany February 15, 2008
Slow Cooker Beef in Mushroom Gravy