Slow-Cooked, Texas-Style Beef Brisket

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Total Time
25hrs 15mins
15 mins
25 hrs

This is a unique method of making lush, succulent, flavorful beef brisket. I found the recipe on another recipe site. It takes 25 hours to make and the wait is definitely worth it.

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  1. Place the beef brisket in a large slow cooker with the fat side up.
  2. Pour the coffee over the meat.
  3. Cook the brisket on low for 24 hours.
  4. Meanwhile, stir together the ketchup, cola, worchestershire sauce, mustard, liquid smoke and brown sugar in a bowl until well blended.
  5. Refrigerate until needed.
  6. After 24 hours of cooking, remove and discard any fat from the meat.
  7. Use forks to pull the meat apart and shred the meat.
  8. Pour the sauce over the meat, stirring to coat evenly and cook 1 hour longer.