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I scaled this back for 2 serves using 3 large lamb shanks weighing about 500 grams each (not frenched though), though I put more carrots, celery and onions than was called for and then did the initial 2 hours at 150C fan forced and at that point needed to add about 1/2 cup water when I took the lid off as the lamb was very tender then and then after 1/2 hour with lid off I removed from the oven as the gravy/vegetable mix was extremely thick and luscious and the meat was falling of the bones and I just left it on the stove top with the lid on to keep warm as I made up the rest of dinner. As I was serving the DM declared she was not hungry so I just told her to eat what she could, well she gobbled up the sides (Fast and Easy Paprika Potatoes), all the gravy/vegetables I poured over the lamb shanks and there was plenty and nearly half her lamb and asked for the left overs for lunch, the gravy/vegetable component could almost be a dish by itself, wonderful flavours. Thank you Jan, made for Make My Recipe - Edition 15.

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I'mPat October 21, 2011

I loved the sound of this but the end result didn't really reach my expectations unfortunately Jan, we liked it but didn't love it, the sauce needed something extra for us but it was very hearty and liked the fact that it's basically a meal in one pan.

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**Mandy** May 29, 2012

5 Stars for yum! For some reason this took 4 hrs start to finish because the lentils just didn't want to cook through and I did need to add more liquid a couple of times. I was very surprised as they are usually so quick to cook. That said this was worth waiting for, DH and I had no problem dispatching a large lamb shank each. As Pat did, I used more of the veggies than ask for (at lease twice as much). I served just a side salad to go along with as I didn't think we needed spuds with the lentils. Dee-licious :D

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Annacia May 23, 2012
Slow-Cooked Lamb Shanks With Lentil Ragout