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This lamb smelled amazing while cooking! It made both my husband and I remark "why don't we have lamb more often??" The answer to that question is the cost - I could only get lamb stew meat at my local market and it was almost $10/lb. But it was worth it as this dish was delicous! I halved the recipe as it was only two of us. I am making shepherd's pie with the leftovers tonight! Based on other reviews I used only most of a 2 oz can of anchovies but I will use all two oz next time. Halved everything else. I served with steamed potatoes, green beans, salad and a crusty loaf. Thanks French Tart! I can't wait to serve this dish to guests!

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Chef Romano-Clarke October 10, 2011

I am so glad I tried this, as it is the first recipe for lamb that I found that It comes out meltingly, mouthwateringly tender...The only reason It did not get 5 stars is that the anchovies seemed to overwelm the lamb. (I halved the recipie and only put in a 2ounce can, but it was still very overwelming, and I love anchovies!!)..Next time, and there will DEFINATLY be a next time, I will probably omit the anchovies and add a sliced up lemon instead....Thanks for a whole new way to cook lamb...

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Princess Flowerbreath February 13, 2007

I had messaged French Tart about clarification with lamb quantities. With her feedback and instructions my SO and I proceeded to make this! We used 3 lbs of lamb, from the leg, cut into approximately 3 inch chunks. Kept the ratios of everything else the same and didn't change anything else. <br/><br/>This smelled wonderful cooking over night. The most "difficult" part is searing the lamb bits in the pan as it is a bit time consuming. I think you could skip this step but it adds a little bit of texture and flavor if you do the searing. This is an intensely flavored meal, with tender, falling apart lamb. This is perfect served over plain white rice and with a crisp side salad. I am echoing other reviews and think the anchovies (although I LOVE anchovies) could be scaled back a teeny bit. Regardless, this recipe is a keeper.

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PKG October 15, 2013

According to America's Test Kitchen (and my own testing), pre-cooking the meat does not seal in any juices...so I skipped that step and simply threw it all in a slow cooker. I made a half sized recipe, and as noted by many I reduced the anchovies to 1oz. This is probably the best lamb I have ever had. Thanks for sharing!

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KD boo-do June 03, 2012

Delicious as usual. I only had anchovy paste on hand, but it seemed to work! Wasn't crazy about the smell while it was cooking, but it tasted so good. DH has already requested this dish for our next dinner party.

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christinaleans February 24, 2009

I hope this post goes thru - really enjoyed it. thx for posting.

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Greyhound Lover January 02, 2009

Wonderful flavours and I found the amount of cooking liquid was just perfect to make it wonderfully moist and tender while keeping the lamb pieces together. I halved the recipe and also thought the amount of anchovies might have been a bit much, so used a quarter the quantity of those and thought it was spot on.

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Peter J September 02, 2007

We really enjoyed this fork tender melt in your mouth leg of lamb. I reduced the anchovies though because hubby is not fond of it. Will try it with the kidney sometime. Thanks for a great recipe.

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Pinaygourmet #345142 March 30, 2007
Slow Cooked Crock Pot Roman Lamb