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Excellent! I added a few extra potatoes, a few extra jalapenos and used boneless chicken, but other wise followed the recipe. I had banana leaves in the yard, and was able to find epazote at Fiesta grocery here in Houston. I was a little nervous about cooking with the epazote...I had never cooked with it and did not know what flavors it might add to a dish, but it was wonderful. (It is kind of a cross between basil and cilantro.) I agree, this is a keeper!

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m0m August 25, 2008

I followed the recipe using cilantro and a few extra carrots and potatoes. Maybe that is why there were no juices when finished. Good, but not my favorite.

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abuelitamarge November 10, 2009

This is a keeper! DH loved this so much, he had me make it a second time in a span of two weeks! The slow cooker cook time just wasn't fitting into my schedule, so I opted for the oven version instead. I just happened to have some frozen banana leaves on hand (the one time I was able to find them in a grocery store somewhere, I went nuts and stocked up lol), so I lined the dutch oven with those and wrapped them over the top of the chicken and veggies once they were in the pot. The first time I made this, I kept to the recipe as written (except for subbing cilantro for epazote, which I can't seem to find anywhere), and DH really liked it, but I adjusted it a tiny bit the second time to accomodate DH's "this would be even better if..." suggestions. He really liked the potatoes in this, so I increased the amount of potatoes the second time to 7 instead of 4. I also increased the amount of sliced jalapenos and jalapeno juice, since DH wanted it to be more spicy. I opted for the boneless skinless thighs for the meat so we wouldn't need to pick "carcass" out of our bowls. I didn't find that I needed to reduce the pan juices either time -- it's probably better that I didn't, since DH really enjoyed sopping up the juicy part with warm corn tortillas. I really liked the different twist of having tomatillos just sliced rather than pureed as they are in most other dishes. My photo really doesn't do it justice, but the finished dish looked so appealing with the vibrant colors and all (the orange is just the bits of carrot that were in with the pickled jalapenos). This tasted like such a high-effort, Mexican mom kind of dish, but it's deceiving because it's really so easy to assemble and cook. Just as a side note, we ended up with some leftover veggies and liquid the last time, and it recycled very well as a topping (supplemented with some more jalapeno, cilantro and chopped tomato) for some baked pollock that my dad had caught while deep sea fishing. We will absolutely be making your recipe again, thanks for posting!

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Muffin Goddess August 23, 2008
Slow Cooked Chicken With Tomatillos, Potatoes, Jalapenos and Fre