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The only changes I made were to cut the onion chunky (so the DH could remove while eating) and I used just under 1K of meat with 1/3 being skirt steak and the rest blade and allowed another 1/4 cup water otherwise stuck to recipe and used the fish sauce option. I used a Massaman curry paste and ended up with a lovely thick sauce but the meat was a little chewy (another 1/2 hours cooking would have taken care of that or cutting up the meat a little smaller) and some of the sweet potatoes were a little firm but all easy to overcome one you know what you are doing and a good easy recipe to do with not a lot of work to it as most of the time is in the oven burbling away and filling the house with a lovely smell. I served steamed rice to the DH and DS with steamed vegetables and just the steamed vegetables to the DM and myself as I felt there was enough carb with the sweet potatoes and the Indian dipping bread I served with it to scoop up the meat and the sauce. I have enough left over to give the DH a couple of night shift meals so will be interesting to see how it reheats but I tasted the next day before putting into the containers and the flavours had developed even more like any good curry should. Thank you Jan, made for Make My Recipe - Edition 16.

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I'mPat November 05, 2011
Slow-Cooked Asian Beef With Sweet Potato