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Delicious bean dish ! but really - eat it for the Kale ! I saw the same recipe online, by Shulman and had to make it right away and it is fabulous. My BF said he'd try it but "hated" Lima beans (which is what the recipe I saw called for). Well, after eating he said- " you've even made Lima beans taste good ;) I didn't mention to him what a super-food kale is or how much protein is in the beans
I recommend blanching the kale- well worth the time. Do soak your own legumes overnight and use freshly cooked beans- canned beans are no match in flavor and texture IMO. I used large Limas but have baby Limas in the cupboard for the next time since I prefer a smaller bean. This dish is fine enough for the holiday table as a side dish to a hearty roast beef or as a meatless casserole style main dish anytime.
The taste is wonderful - kale is flavorful, softened and not bitter, the tomato taste is not overwhelming, and Limas worked very well with it all (even using the large ones they were indeed very velvety and creamy), it has a very 'rich' taste and flavor for a bean dish and it all blends well once you take a bite.Though I didn't seem to get too much caramelizing as much as a sauce- maybe taking the lid off of the casserole dish for a little longer might have done the trick. Leftovers tasted even a bit better,as always - so cooking them in the "Do Ahead" way might also be better.

Though I did not have the Herbs de Provence, I used what I had. Finding the savory took a trip to a few places. Later, I did manage to find H de P, in a local health food store that sells spices from bulk much less expensive than the supermarkets!, so now I have that for next time, which will be within the week!

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red_baron March 14, 2011
Slow-Baked Beans With Kale (Martha Rose Shulman)