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Very good and a great way to include vegetables. Also try using Italian sausage instead of hamburger. If you like supreme pizza throw in a couple sliced mushrooms, black olives, or other vegetables and meats. This is great to have in the crockpot on a baseball practice night good and ready when the guys get home!!!!!

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rinefam_4943273 March 08, 2011

I threw half a batch of this together using ingredients I had on hand (precooked frozen ground beef, a bag of frozen chopped 3-color peppers & onions) and left it for DH and the kids one night when I had to work. It got rave reviews- and the leftovers were gone before I got to taste one! I'll keep this in mind for a quick and easy meal in the future- thanks!

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AmyMCGS June 07, 2010

This was a little different and we really enjoyed it for lunch. I used Pizzeria Pizza Sauce for my pizza sauce, which is a favorite for us. I made half the recipe and have leftovers for the week. Thanks for sharing. Made for PAC Spring 2011 :)

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~Nimz~ March 06, 2011

Today for dinner I made these but, I followed another recipe for pizza joes. Thankfully I tasted it before serving it. It was lacking flavor by the time I got done with it, I had made this recipe minus the pepperoni but added 2 tsp ground mustard, 2 TBSp Worcestershire, 4 celery stalk minced (as those were what the other recipe called for). I'm giving it 4 stars only for finding one just like what i tossed together a few mins ago. But it still needs flavor. I think next I will just use half a can of Hunt's traditional spaghetti sauce and season if needed. Still it's a cool idea for a hot summer day.

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JamieTND July 09, 2012
Sloppy Pizza Joes