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August 3, 2003 A very tasty recipe, but doesn't taste exactly like Manwich - hence the four stars. A few tips - puree/grind the peppers and onions in a blender rather than a food processor. A whole medium yellow onion is about half a cup. A quarter red pepper is about a 1/3 of a cup. I used a hickory smoke bbq sauce as that is what I had on hand, and it made the sauce a little sweet, so I'd stick with a spicy kind. Also, I wasn't sure what kind of hot mustard to use (prepared or powdered), so I used powdered and it tasted fine. I used Coleman's brand. I also added some green Tabasco sauce as my family likes our food a little spicy, but that is not saying anything against the recipe, just our taste buds! All in all a very good, easy recipe. Much better for you than canned Manwich and almost as easy. I will be making this again (without the hickory smoke bbq sauce!). January 10, 2004 I just made this again the other night, and left out the BBQ sauce. I used extra ketchup and homemade steak sauce (I used a combination of several recipes here and will post my version soon) to make up for the volume of the bbq sauce. NOW, this tastes like manwich! The raw red pepper taste still comes through a bit much, but I think if I cook the sauce on the stove for a few minutes before adding it to my cooked meat or Boca crumbles, that will be taken care of.

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Amy - Ellie's Mommie January 10, 2004

I thought these were very good, but I kinda like manwich better. My husband liked these better. We started calling it "Witchwich" instead of manwich! I will make again, but do a little tweaking. I thought that the steak sauce was a bit too strong, next time I will half it and add tomato paste.

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Ginny Ax August 17, 2011

This is the best sloppy joe recipe! Thank you! I will make our sloppy joes this way from now on!

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coreybro1 March 02, 2010

Great. Family loves it and I love not giving them all the added sodium and preservative found in the store bought variety. I actually like the flavors in this better than the real thing. I did however make slight modifications for the kids. I used yellow instead of spicy mustard, and eliminated the chili powder.I also used ground turkey. All worked well. Thanks for the posting.

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knaylor76 December 30, 2007

Excellent Sloppy Joe's. I like the recipe better than the canned Manwich stuff. A+

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carlinsmom June 17, 2007

Thank you Dibs for posting this tasty recipe...I made this for my DH last night...and he loved it. I added 2 tsp chilli powder and 1 tsp red pepper flakes as we like our food spicier...I found the dish a little sweet so I added 5 oz. tomatoe paste, and cooked this on top of the stove on low for 1 hour, adding water as needed. This was so much better than the canned version. A new family favourite...

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Baby Kato May 12, 2004
Sloppy Joes-Manwich Style