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As the previous reviewer stated, do not boil the milk or you will get grainy sauce. Heat milk just to a simmer. For my taste, had to adjust seasoning of both the sloppy joe mixture and macaroni cheese mixture with both salt and pepper or would have been bland. Quite tasty comfort food casserole, but not exactly a quick and easy recipe.

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tickledsassy July 04, 2016

We found this to be tastey with definite potential. Cheddar may not have been the best choice as the sauce ended up grainy and a bit bland. This recipe is definitely worth trying again but I will add a little garlic powder and seasoned salt to the sauce and change the cheese to American for a creamier texture. Maybe just sprinkle the top with cheddar. The sloppy Joe layer was delicious. Thanks for sharing. *Made for Fall PAC 2008* *Editing to add* I need to apologize for previously leaving a 3 star review thinking the recipe needed to be changed due to the cheese being grainy etc... It was definitely operator error because I know better! When you heat the milk- DO NOT BOIL IT. If you just heat it to hot- watch it closely and then add the flour, cheese, etc... you will NOT get a grainy sauce. I made this again tonight because we did like it, and it dawned on me what went wrong. I did use American/mild cheddar, spiced it up a bit and it was awesome!

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Brenda. October 09, 2008
Sloppy Joe Macaroni and Cheese