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I'm a huge buffalo chicken fan and this recipe was great! I also added a diced jalepeno and closer to 2/3 c of red hot. (I wouldn't recommend most people to do this, I like it hot). I served it open faced on toasted kaiser rolls with blue cheese dressing. My husband thought it was tasty too and I will definitely make this again. If you like buffalo chicken and sloppy joes this is a great option. P.S. I had some leftovers, so the next day I use the extra joes to make buffalo chicken lettuce wraps. I think I liked those even better, and I may skip the bun next time!

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Careysprivateschef October 22, 2010

This recipe is so good! I would definitely serve it with the blue cheese and pickles or even some blue cheese dressing. It was kept warm in a crock pot. Love it!

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Peppermint patty #2 June 14, 2010

Wonderful! I too saw Rachael make these and couldn't stop thinking about 'em - glad to see the recipe here. One important note for calorie counters like me (;)) - this recipe as written is for EIGHT servings, not FOUR - which changes the nutritional info drastically. These are really around 400 calories per serving. I made them even less by using whole wheat rolls and omitting the blue cheese. I did use a little of fat free ranch dressing and a tiny sliver of a laughing cow cheese wedge on my bread. I made the meat and sauce exactly as written here, and they are perfect. I used ground white turkey. I also think these would be great with low calorie shredded cheddar cheese mixed in at the end. I did that on my second batch and it worked great. Thanks so much for sharing - this is a great guiltless keeper!! :)

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megs_ January 10, 2010

Yummm!! I have made this quite a few times now. I simmer it a bit longer so it thickens. (about 30 minutes.) Also, instead of using 1 cup of tomato sauce, I use an 8oz can of tomato paste. I think Ranch dressing would work well too instead of the Blue Cheese, gonna try that next. Thanks for posting, cookie.

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Scoutie October 27, 2009

Tried this recipe right after I saw Rachel make it and it is definitely a keeper...go light on the hot sauce because it will make the joes watery.

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HappilyMarried2Buggie August 24, 2008
Sloppy Buffalo Joes-Rachael Ray