Slimpic's Chicken Fried Rice

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Recipe by Slimpic

This is the most excellent fried rice. The recipe came from an elderly oriental woman. It is somewhat flexible and can be made with shrimp, beef, etc. I usually barbeque some chicken breasts on the grill let cool then dice. Very good by itself but sometimes I get out the wok, stir fry some veg. and serve over top of rice. Your family will love it, and if you want to eat any leftovers at all you better make plenty!

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  1. Cook rice as directed on package and set aside. (I usually use brown rice).
  2. Put barbeque sauce on chicken then grill until just tender and done.
  3. While chicken cools, cook diced frozen bacon in large covered skillet, (I use large electric skillet) until almost done, add carrots, peas, onion, garlic, bell pepper. Adjust heat and or add olive oil if needed to keep from burning while sauteing.
  4. While above is cooking, dice chicken breasts into skillet.
  5. Carefully stir in cooked rice, and cooked scrambled eggs.
  6. Stir in (to taste), soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper.
  7. Once all ingredients are blended together well your good to go.

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