Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 0 mins

Supposedly this is a great belly fat burning snack. Recipe from Prevention magazine 10/2008.

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  1. Mix pumpkin with the yogurt and syrup.
  2. Top with cinnamon and nuts.
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Yummy pretty healthy snack. I tried this both with leftover baked acorn squash and with canned pumpkin. The baked acorn squash version was 5 stars. To me with the canned pumpkin it was 4 stars. I use Balkan (thick) yogurt. With the canned pumpkin I felt I needed to add more real maple syrup but I think it was because it was the thin type I used. The acorn squash had the perfect amount of sweetness as stated yet I used a thicker version of real maple syrup. I used chopped walnuts each time. I will make this again if I have left over baked squash, thick maple syrup and I would like to try toasting my walnuts next time.

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I make this all the time for breakfast! It's so delicious and filling!! I typically just use an individual, single-serving sized yogurt (I like vanilla) and then add a bunch of pumpkin. I probably end up using more pumpkin than yogurt. Sometimes I add the cinnamon but I rarely add the maple syrup or nuts. Using vanilla yogurt makes this sweet enough without the syrup and I don't like the consistency of nuts in yogurt. I usually split this in half then for 2 breakfasts. Thanks!!

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Yummy. There needs to be more recipes like this for pumpkin besides the usual pie and cheesecake. Next time will try this with ginger!!