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Thanks Brenda, I meant to review this & was surprised to see I haven't. My dear Dad was craving Lorne sausages in a bad way, our family left Scotland in 1957 so except for visits back he had not had his "lovely Lorne's" . Now that Dad was in his 80's and in poor health a trip "back home" was out of the question. So I reluctantly tried your recipe, sure that the wouldn't taste right to Dad. He LOVED them., and said they were just like the ones he remembered. I made them for him until he passed away. Thanks for making us both happy & it give me much joy to remember him tucking into his meal, stopping to say to me "och darlin' you've done a grand job on these sausages, they're rare"

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surreycook March 12, 2013

very easy to make,get your butcher to mince the beef and pork togetherto get a better mix or mince the yourselfalso ask the butcher for 4oz rusk add with the breadcrumbs use fresh herbs grind in a herb mill.try with garlic to taste,any herbs that you like line the slices with a clingfilm to keep them seperate

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tony sexton June 23, 2003

Wow this sounds amazing! The nutmeg and pepper probably set this one apart. Wonder what it would taste like with even more Nutmeg?!?! Great recipe and we'll definitely be trying it!

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Premio Foods January 27, 2010
Sliced Sausage (Also Called Lorne Sausage)