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First of all I have to state I am not a dessert fan but I did enjoy this (though found it a little to sweet for me) but I really made it for the DM who is also diabetic but has a bit sweet tooth and she and the DS thoroughly enjoyed. I served it with some fat free vanilla yoghurt. Also because I used bottled peaches (in natural juice) I only cooked them for 5 minutes so they would not turn to mush and I also used whole cloves (2) and removed them before putting the peaches and syrup into the serving bowls. Must say I am looking forward to trying this with fresh peaches (which should be available in about 2 months here and the farmers are prediciting a bumper crop at this stage) as I think I will enjoy it more as they don't tend to be as sweet as bottled or canned. Thank you lazyme, made for ZAAR Chef Alphabet Soup.

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I'mPat August 24, 2012

Hey there my ZWT Teammate!! I *did* make this but hadn't reviewed it. :( What a fabulous dish! I drained 2 big cans of sliced peaches in pear juice & used that liquid instead of water. I was really worried that cooking would turn canned peaches to mush but it didn't happen. VERY YUMMY - we ate them over ice cream! Thank you & (HUGS) for your loss.

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Elmotoo May 04, 2009
Sliced Peaches in Lime Rum Sauce (Diabetic)