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I made the recipe exactly as it stands. It worked perfectly, except that the salmon cakes threatened to fall apart in the pan -- but did not. I talked them out of it. I made the sauce exactly as set out. What we liked about this recipe (because there are so many salmon patties and salmon cakes recipes) was that these cakes tasted of salmon ... most others have so much boiled potato or breadcrumbs that the real salmon taste is completely lost. The only sub I did was to use chopped, canned South African peppadew/piquante peppers instead of red bell pepper. (It is really a piquant taste!) Thank you, Potscrubber, for a recipe I will certainly use again.

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Zurie August 26, 2013

I did not make the gayla sauce just the salmon cakes. This was a huge hit and I doubled the recipe. Loved the different flavors and have been told this is the only way they want to eat them from here on out!!!

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cst1996 March 04, 2012

Took a couple liberties to veganize this recipe (well minus the salmon, which is too good in the Northwest to pass up on), but it still turned out fantastic. Substitutions included Vegenaise, Ener-G egg replacer, adding in an extra tablespoon of bread crumbs (seemed a little too moist) and using Emeril's Essence creole seasoning instead of Old Bay seasoning. I didn't have any capers so my Gayla sauce consisted of Vegenaise, lemon juice, dijon mustard, black pepper, and crushed red pepper...so tasty! Can't wait to make this for my hubby when he gets home in September:)

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molinda85 July 08, 2011

We had this last night. I made as written. It was wonderful. The sauce made it over the top.

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MissPenny December 15, 2010

I really wanted to like this recipe because of all the good hits it got, but in the end, they were just OK. I had made up the ingredients and chilled really well before I made the patties. They were so moist that there was no way that they were going to stay together and they ended up breaking up while cooking. I would do this recipe again, but I would watch the amount of wet ingredients that is going in to the pot. I have alot of huge salmon steaks in my freezer, so I will play around with this one

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Abby Girl May 05, 2009

These were very very tasty and an inexpensive alternative to crab cakes (which we love). I was out of capers so I didn't technically make the "Gayla Sauce" but used all the other ingredients and part of a grated cucumber and some old Bay seasoning as well - so it was sort of a lemon-dill-cucumber sauce which we liked alot! Thanks for posting! PS - I used 1/3 cup as a measurement guide and got exactly four cakes.

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Tamaretta April 12, 2009

Update: This is still to date THE BEST Salmon Cakes I have EVER laid a lip on! WTG my dear Potsie! You are one AMAZING PERSON! origina review...OH MY GRAVY! This is DIVINE! Slammin' indeed! My dear you have a WINNER here in this gem of a recipe! Spicy and yummy and crunchy and DEEEELISH! This is going right into my KEEPERS cookbook and I promise I will be making this again! LOVE LOVE LOVE the deep flavors that run all through this easy recipe! This is so FAB! I LOVE that this uses stuff that can be found in my pantry just about any old day! This is PERFECT for those days when I have been RUNNING everywhere and had no time to even think about taking something out for supper! Who needs take out? This is FAR SUPERIOR and just as fast! I would not change a darn thing here! Thank you so much for sharing this divine dish with us! HUGE HUGE HUGS!

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Mama's Kitchen (Hope) April 12, 2009

Tonight I think I was reinacting 'Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares'! I wanted something quick and tasty for our dinner and came across this recipe. I made the sauce but only had 4 Tbsp of mayo....no worries, I'll make less sauce. It does pay to read the entire recipe first because I had not noticed that more mayo was required. YIKES! So back to the main section where I found recipe 71967 for homemade mayo. Cool...made the mayo (great btw) but would advise others NOT to peer into the hole of the blender while trickling in the oil. It may be a great hair conditioner but my contact lenses did not like it! Went back and augmented the sauce with the mayo that had not coated my hair and face and had enough left to proceed with this recipe. I KNEW I had a box of Panko but could not find it. Called my neighbour, dressed for minus 13 degree temps and hopped the fence to her house where the best she had was pretty generic breadcrumbs. Got home, ripped off boots, gloves and hat and found DH standing there with a smile on his face and the Panko that HE had put away acres from where it is supposed to live. Snarled at the nearest dog (displacement as DH does not like snarls) and carried on. Served it with garlic smashed red potato and some corn I had frozen this summer. A glass of wine for DH and a bottle with a straw for me! Great Salmon cakes and sauce! It took about 90 minutes for the process including road trips, mayo making and a shampoo so not as quick as I had hoped but delicious. I think the uncooked filling minus the egg could be my new salmon salad sandwich recipe too. Thanks for theiving and posting Pot Scrubber. Will make it many times I'm sure but hopefully minus the chaos. BTW skipped the dill as I loathe it and made it with Red Sockeye salmon as that is what I generally buy.

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K9 Owned December 15, 2008

WOW - hey Potsie - Jim and I had these tonight. I am married to a fisherman who thinks the only fish worth eating are straight from the ocean and they still have a pulse as he takes out their fillet. After eating this tonight - he just looked at me and said " you can make these again" - Now I have to tell you - with a review like that from Jim - you will just slide into heaven whenever you depart this earth - you are a shoe in:)

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MissMaggie December 04, 2008

MAKE THESE! Crunchy and light and just a yummy sauce. I worried for a minute that they would fall apart in the pan, but it didn't happen. I omitted the dill as preference and upped the cayenne and mionced garlic. The sauce is lovely and would be great on sandwiches too! Made for Daffy Daffodils Canada ZWT Challenge

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Ma Field June 25, 2008
Slammin' Salmon Crunchy Cakes With Gayla Sauce