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Yes, yummy and fun! My toddler really likes finger foods! I actually served these as a main dish alongside a pasta salad (yes there were veggies in the salad too). I did make a few changes. We don't usually keep the phyllo cups around and I'm not one to buy something special to make a dish. I had some leftover hamburger buns (appropriate I thought) and I separated them and rolled them flat and cut them into quarters. I used my mini muffin pan and placed the quarters into the cups and toasted them in the oven for about 5 minutes at 350. So now that I had little toast cups, I did the cheese on the bottom as directed and then a small dollop each of ketchup, mustard and sweet pickle relish. Then I topped with the meatball halves. Since I was using my mini muffin tin, I used 12 meatballs to make 24 bites. Cute and tasty! Not sure if they looked like basketballs in a net, but that wasn't why I was making them. Also I think I would actually prefer my method of using the toast cups rather than the phyllo cups. Not sure the phyllo cups would be as tasty, but not having tried them that way, I can't say for sure. Thanks for the yummy idea! I can see this becoming an easy supper for my little guys or a quickish kind of late night snack.

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berry271 July 09, 2014
Slam Dunk Cheeseburger Bites