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Prep 2 mins
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Quick, easy and simple remedy to keep on hand for those stinky emergencies! This works great for washable things like the dog, clothes etc... AS WELL AS NON-WASHABLE items like carpet, furniture, AIR etc..... Worked great one very late night when the dog just HAD to go out ... to chase a skunk, and run back into the house and roll on the carpet! AAAARRGGGHHHHH Now the bottle stays full and at the ready AND it is portable for use anywhere. Which is great because we all know that skunk happens! hehehehehehe

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 2 cups white vinegar, adjust to fill your bottle
  • 1 spray bottle


  1. Pour vinegar into clean spray bottle. Do NOT dilute with anything like water or fragrance. It will not work then.
  2. Spray EVERYTHING that may smell or absorb the scent. Wont hurt pets, people, fabrics, carpets, AIR etc --.
  3. Allow to dry.
  4. It will smell like vinegar all over BUT it is better than skunk! Dont worry, the vinegar smell won't last long!


Most Helpful

OMGosh! thank you! what a lifesaver! ( i used on some shirts- 7 to be exact!! )) oh my god! it's so great! i m so thankful! u are the best, mama! :)) thank godness i found this! omgosh! :))

halfhalfgirl45 October 16, 2012

We put a pet door in at the back of our garage for our barn kitties to come and eat/be more cozy in winter. Well, the skunks started entering while I was visiting the grandchildren. DH had to deal with 3 stinky episodes. 1st time, he went out and waisted money on the skunk rid. So i looked and found your 'recipe'. lol! Works like a charm! The smell got into the house, ugh. DH did something i would have never thought of. Filled the crock pot part way with white vinegar! Got it going real hot and opened it up part way! drapes, carpet clothing...smell all gone! Just be careful with the crock pot if you have children. THANK YOU! p.s. You can use a live trap with marshmellows coved with peanut butter to catch the lil stinkers. If kitty gets trapped, shake a towel and scold them; (spook them). They shouldn't enter the trap again. Best a lil fright than a smelly kitty in need of a bath!

Mama~Kitty February 26, 2009

This really does work. My dogs got skunked last night and we washed them but they still smelled. I used this a few times today and now I cannot smell the skunk order. I am keeping a spray bottle of this around. My lab, silly dog, has not learned yet and this happens to her a couple of times a year. But, she usually kills the skunk. I guess its in her "genes". Thanks for the wonderful recipe to help get this aweful smell gone!

susie cooks December 14, 2006

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