Skin Care

READY IN: 15mins
Recipe by sharda

This is a perfect recipe for achieving a soft,smooth and shiny skin every where in your body,in just few days.I love this care as its very easy to use and there's no need of extra work. I had such an extremely dry skin ,that I was always embarrassed to go in front of any one or ,My hands were so dry that I used to hesitate to even slide the credit card. Then I dont know how this idea came to my mind,and I tried it.It was a miracle.once my hands got Ok.I tried upon my face ,and it brought a glowing skin to my face.Try patiently for at least a week and see the difference. I had heard that milk is an excellent cleansing agent ,but i never believed before this. Actually the LACTIC ACID present in the milk removes all the dead skin and stops letting it grow, and at the same time conserves the moisture of the skin too.

Top Review by Zameera

oh, and be sure to wash off all traces of milk to prevent bacteria growth. Thank you soo much Sharda! My skin is happy now.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 10 tablespoons whole milk (or as required)
  • 3 -4 cotton balls


  1. Dip the cotton balls in the cold (unboiled) milk.
  2. rub all over your face and hands and neck and feet or other exposed area.
  3. leave it to dry.
  4. keep at least for 10- 20 minutes.
  5. then wash off,or if you have done this before bath,you can have your bath.
  6. dont use soap after this.

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