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I liked this recipe although I needed to make a few adjustments. I don't have a traditional grill, but do have a Foreman family size grill that allows temps to be set on it. So I pre-heated the grill to 400 degrees. I didn't skewer the shrimp, but after mixing the ingredients I simply coated the shrimp well and placed them on the grill with tongs. Since the top closes, allowing both sides to cook at the same time - I left them for about 2-2 1/2 mins. Then I used about 1 pound of the large sea scallops, coated them the same way and placed them on the grill for about 3-3 1/2 mins. Both were served together on a bed of spanish rice, with a side salad of cucumbers and grape tomatos. Next time I use this recipe, I plan on using a little more beer, a little more spicy brown mustard, and will get the larger sized peeled / deveined shrimp (just for the convenience). The scallops were wonderful in this coating. BDavis - Hudson, FL

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The Thorn of Hudson, FL September 03, 2006
Skewered Mustard-Beer Shrimp