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Excellent crust! Don't let the time put you off - this is really easy. This makes a very thick crusted pizza and could potentially be used to make 2 medium sized pizzas depending on how big a pizza your oven can take.

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Missy Wombat January 24, 2004

Just when I thought s'kat's Easy Pizza Dough (#16331) was my favorite, I come across this! This dough was a dream come true- delightfully flavorful, wonderful texture and perfectly chewy. I made two smaller pizzas and topped one with proscuitto, bleu cheese, olive oil and caramelized onions...sooooo GOOD! The other one is in the freezer, waiting to be topped and devoured! I did have to substitute dry herbs for the fresh (I used 1/3 as much as called for), which still worked great.

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Roosie August 22, 2004

This was wonderful! We made it with skat's Basic Tomato Sauce(#57352), pepperoni, ground beef, onions and mushrooms sauteed in butter, and mozzarella cheese. My husband loved it, and he is not a big pizza fan. We both said that it reminded us of Pizza Hut deep dish crust (Which hubby adores). We had leftovers for lunch today (it made a BIG pizza) and it is even better warmed up. Thanks!

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SlipC July 11, 2004
s'kat's Easy Cornmeal Crust