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This was loved by everyone - no leftovers. Thank you for posting it.

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Squeaky Worm August 29, 2013

This has become my family's favorite meal. My 20-year-old son has even mastered the sauce so he can make it whenever he wants. Everyone I serve this too remarks on how tender the chicken is. Because I am diabetic, I use agave syrup instead of honey. That allows me to add a dash of Mirin, a sweet Japanese rice wine, to the sauce. Instead of using water with the cornstarch, I take some of the hot liquid from the slow cooker and whisk that into the cornstarch, then return the mixture to the slow cooker. That works a treat and I get a nice sauce that thickens within minutes. This is a great, easy meal that can easily be adjusted for more or less chicken. We make a recipe and a half each time and it disappears by the next day. Give this one a try, and don't be afraid to personalize the sauce to your liking; this is a very forgiving dish, so experiment!

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Tavaril62 February 21, 2013

"I could eat this anytime!" says my husband. (He's pretty "moody" with his food interests.) I cooked it on high for 3 hr, and it came out a good texture; it was slightly like a pulled pork, but not much. The flavor was excellent! I used 1/2t salt, 1/4t pepper, and 4 lb chicken breasts. Next time I'll use 25% more liquid for that volume of meat so none of the meat dries out. I served it over rice, garnishing it with cooked broccoli and carrots, and slivered almonds (though sesame seeds would have been better, I'm sure). mmm...

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amy.cleaveland September 06, 2012

I found this recipe first on a blog. I had already prepared it and had it cooking in my crockpot when I decided to see if someone had submitted it to Food.com. I was interested in looking at reviews to see how it turned out as I rarely have success cooking chicken in the crockpot but I really wanted to try this. It is a great recipe and success at last with cooking chicken in the crockpot, this was not dry, nor did it have a strange texture, it was delicious and I will certainly make it again and again. I made it with a little less honey and replaced half the oil with sesame oil and added 1tbs grated ginger. I used thighs and served it with brown rice and sadly I forgot the sesame seeds. My crockpot seems to cook fast and I found it had cooked perfectly on low for 4hours. I will certainly make this again, it was easy and delicious. Thanks especially for the hint on thickening the sauce Lioness, it certainly was not going to thicken in the crockpot.

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Ninna May 17, 2012
Six Sisters' Slow Cooker Honey Sesame Chicken