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I found this recipe on another site and have been making it for about a year now. I do not add the rice. I also rinse the beans prior to adding them in order to reduce some of the sodium content. Other changes include: using frozen corn instead of canned (I just don't like canned.); omitting the garlic and adding cumin; sometimes adding sauteed onion and green pepper; using shredded grilled chicken breast instead of the canned chicken. I have also used tomatoes with jalapenos instead of green chilies. That was a bit warm for my taste. Therefore, I toned the heat down by stirring in a little cream. This soup is excellent topped with crushed tortilla chips and shredded cheese. Great easy and quick meal for busy days. I like it served with corn muffins.

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Ms B. September 02, 2003

Awesome! I added 1/2 a tsp of cumin and a tsp of red chili flakes, a can of "mexicorn", minced garlic and onion. I also used fresh, grilled chicken breasts. This was SO good, simple and filling! It's a bit too spicy for my DH but that's due my additions. Will make again and again, thanks!

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lain June 21, 2010

Hey Ang! Thanks for the great recipe! I normally HATE when people rate a recipe that has been tweaked; your recipe is awesome, but I was out of some ingredients one day so had to substitute! I reduced the chix broth to one can (all I had,lol) I rinsed my black beans simply because I'm not a huge bean fan to begin with and I hate the cloudy can! I also subbed 1 cup salsa for the tomatoes and subbed the rice for I can of spicy fat free refried beans. It turned out very creamy as the refried beans seemed to melt and made the recipe quite rich and still lowfat! Thanks again for this awesome recipe! :)

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nance0323 June 24, 2012

I highly recommend that you drain and rinse the black beans, the "dirty" color of the soup was hard to get past. Added cumin, oregano, salt and pepper & was okay.

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osuzq February 05, 2011

My husband and I love this soup and eat it once a week. My husband is watching his cholesterol so we use two cans of beans instead of meat. I also throw in any fresh veggies I have available. I didn't have a can of corn so I used a bag of frozen sweet corn. The Mexican Rotel works wonderfully and I topped with a little cilantro and tortilla chips. Thank you for this recipe!

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2kidsrule July 24, 2008

I opted for egg noodles instead of rice (that's just the mood I was in). This was super-easy and just the thing to make when you have a cold! I put lots of crunched-up tortilla chips in my bowl, too.

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CeeBee October 18, 2005

This was rather bland for my taste. Easy, but I wasn't overwhelmed. I added fresh cilantro on top to perk it up a bit.

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Sunshynetoo April 25, 2005

I was going to submit this same recipe-- in my house, it's known simply as "hot soup". I made one change- instead of black beans I use one can of cream of mushroom soup. I also add in a lot of red and black pepper, jalapeno seasoning, and sometimes mushrooms. You can also substitute chicken rice soup for the broth and rice. This is a very versatile recipe-- enjoy!

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AmyMCGS February 21, 2005

YUM! If you make this, no one will believe you when you tell them how easy it was. My husband was out of town last night, so I made this soup and invited my mom and sister to share it with me. They each raved about how wonderful it tasted. My daughter liked it also. We all crunched up some corn tortilla chips and added them along with shredded cheddar cheese to our individual bowls. I put a few drops of Tobasco in mine also. Tasted wonderful! I can't wait for lunch so I can eat leftovers!

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Mindi Bunch November 06, 2004

I got this recipe from another website as well, and it has become one of my favorite lunches. You could change this in a million ways to suit your taste; here are the changes I made: I use white corn, no garlic (may have to try that, though), cook two chicken breasts and cut up rather than using canned chicken (which kind of scares me), drain and rinse the black beans (this really helps the color of the soup), use Mexican Fiesta Rotel, and don't use the rice. My husband crushes up a few tortilla chips into his bowl, ladles soup on top, and then adds a little shredded cheese to the top. I just eat mine the way it is, and it's great that way too.

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txghog May 25, 2004
Six Can Chicken Tortilla Soup