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This was a nice change to our usual roast. Instead of getting to pans dirty I used a deep cast iron pan and used a little oil once pan was hot. My roast didn't have much fat on it at all which is a good thing. I seasoned with salt and pepper and seared both sides. Poured the liquids over it then instead of cutting into my nicely seared meat and risk losing some of the great juices I just sealed in there. I layed them on top of the roast after I brushed with the dijon and then sprinkled with the other seasonings (except salt I used garlic salt in stead of the 2 separate) I didn't measure the Au Jus mix but rather just sprinkled over the roast. My roast was only about 2 1/2 lbs so I roasted it for 1 1/2 hours then took it our and placed on a plate and tightly covered with foil and let it sit there while I cooked my potatoes. I also emptied the rest of the Au jus mix in the liquid in my pan and mixed well and let reduce for a few minutes. We did enjoy this recipe but I think the next time i will eliminate the salt altogether since the au jus mix is salty enough. The smell of it roasting wasn't so good at first but once it got going the smell improved. I think we will keep this one around for another go! Thanks

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Shawn C April 23, 2010

I bought a Sirloin Tip roast on sale and had no idea what to do with it until I found this recipe. And am so glad I did, this was quite yummy!!!! I bought a 3 pound roast and cooked it for an hour with a meat thermometer( I like mine Medium Rare) I was afraid it would be tough, but it was quite tender. I used an entire packet of Au Jus Mix, I didn't see why I should throw away the rest, and the gravy was excellent!!!! We had some left overs and they made excellent sandwiches. Thanks for posting.

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Virginia Chandler January 20, 2004

This was my first roast and I am pumped! It turned out amazing. I did omit the au jus mix and added a little extra salt. I had a 3lb roast and cooked it at 325 for about an hour and twenty-five minutes to achieve an internal temperature of 140. This recipe is fabulous because it satisfied both my parents, my two brothers, my uncle and grandma. Thank you!

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980735 March 02, 2009

Awesome just the way it is written. Added some more wine and water to the bottom of the pan once the roast was done. Loosened the bits and strained, then brought to a boil and reduced some. Added a little corn starch to thicken slightly. Meat was wonderfully moist and tender., Au jus tasted great.

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gibb January 20, 2013

VERY good! I used fresh herbs from the garden and stuffed the roast with the herbs as well as the garlic. I only had cream sherry which worked fine.

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salsarita July 04, 2010

This was delicious. We even had some of it with eggs for breakfast. Ended up substituting worcestercire sause for the au jus and thyme for the tarragon, just because that is what I had in the house, and cooked a 9.3 lb sirloin tip roast for 3 hrs (Hubby likes it rare). I figured that it was better to have it a little undercooked so that warming it up for subsequent meals wouldn't overcook it. Turned out great. Wonderful flavor. Thanks for sharing.

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Crisci February 03, 2010

Excellent! I followed the directions exactly and it came out great!

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tupton November 18, 2012

I don't cook roasts very often. My mom was in town and I had already bought some sirloin tip roast on sale so I decided to try it. I had two smaller roasts. I cooked up both in about 1 1/2 - 2 hours. Was shocked how moist and great this was. Made a gravy with the drippings and served over potatoes on the side with a nice salad. Great meal. Great recipe. This goes in the favorites folder. Thank you!

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Empire920 August 07, 2012

This is the first beef roast I've ever made and I thought it turned out wonderfully. I used a slightly smaller roast than was called for and it only needed the 2.5 hours to be medium rare. I saved some of the juices for au jus and the rest I made into gravy for the mashed potatoes. I did add some more water and red wine after an hour or so of cooking because everything in the bottom of my pan was dry. I will definitely use this recipe again.

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Smarahcakes January 27, 2012

I was so pleasantly surprised just how perfect my roast came out using this recipe and technique!!! Thanks so much, it was super tender and tasted fantastic!! Only ingredient I didn't use was tarragon...not too fond of it. I had a small 3.5 lb roast so cooked it for 1 1/2 hours....perfect medium to medium-rare. Thanks for sharing!

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Sue's Kitchen October 12, 2011
Sirloin Tip Roast