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Very tender meat with subtle Asian flavor. Flavors seemed very strong and spicy when I put together the marinade, but mellowed and were not overwhelming. My 19-mo.-old granddaughter used the word, "meat", for the first time and followed me around to cut up some of the very tender pork meat for her. The recipe didn't specify, so I made 2 layers of ribs in a buffet half-tray; after each 15 minutes I removed each of the layers to its own holding plate, and put the former top layer on the bottom turned over, then likewise for the former bottom layer. The ribs were not done within 50 minutes, which presented a safety concern as it's hard to use an instant read thermometer on these ribs; we gave them another 30 minutes, but concluded that the ribs should be cooked in a single layer if using the oven so they could be quickly flipped. Ribs made this way weren't "pretty" -- we thought they needed reduced fresh marinade to add some gloss and sticky wonderfulness. (I'd rather marinate the ribs per the recipe, then cook the ribs on a rack in a pressure cooker over beer, and then use fresh marinade reduced to a thick sauce to coat the ribs with a thick glaze.) Made for Rookie Recipe Tag.

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KateL January 25, 2014
Singapore Spare Ribs