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I made these according to the directions, the only thing I did different was use shredded fried chicken breasts, which I added to the pan of chopped onion after I let the onion saute and added some extra salt and chili powder. I also let them cook for 5 minutes extra to get the cheese brown and a little crunchy. They turned out excellent!! I will definitely be making these again but I still felt like the chicken could have used a little more flavor so next time I may also add some cumin and garlic powder to see if I can kick up the flavor just a little more. Thanks for the awesome recipe,

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carolinerenee December 22, 2013

As if this recipe needs another great review, but there is a reason there are so many. These were simply awesome.. The DS repeatedly said "Honey, did I tell you how great dinner was".. Based on other reviews, I made only minor "tweaks". Since our preference is to shred the chicken first, I used 2 large bone in split chicken breasts. Seasoned them with garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, Mexican oregano, salt and pepper. Roasted them in the over for an hour. I also made sure I used the pan drippings in the sauce. I sprinkled the leftover seasoning mix on the chicken after shredding. For the cheese in the filling, I crumbled queso fresco cheese, then used the cheddar / jack blend for the top (I mean really, why not have more cheese!). Other than that, I made as stated. Although next time I make these (and there will be a next time!) I wonder if I should add some black olives... hmmm..

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ARathkamp July 20, 2013

YUMMO. I made these last night for dinner. I seasoned the meat, subbed "chicken base" mixed with water for the broth and used a 7oz can green chiles because that's all I had. Other than that, no changes were made to this recipe.

I LOVE that it doesn't use canned soup. That stuff is always filled with msg. (yuk!) My family loved this dish and will definitely make it again! So good!

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moonriver February 06, 2013

This sounds very good. I usually make chicken enchiladas with creamed cottage cheese instead of sour cream. More protein, less fat. But I'm going to try your recipe.

About tweaking recipes. My friend once made enchiladas with ground beef, monterey jack cheese, red enchilada sauce and flour tortillas. They were delicious. When I complimented them, she said, "I got the recipe from you!"

I make them with chicken, cheddar, green enchilada sauce, and corn tortillas!

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OurChef1948 January 28, 2013

What a great recipe - simple and easy - and you can add your touch to it! I added about 2T of Wildtree Adobe seasoning, garlic, 4 oz cream cheese and about 1-2T milk to the chicken and onion mix. I also added some Wildtree enchilada sauce to the sauce - and it was GREAT! Can't wait to make it again - and change it up again. Thanks so much for sharing this great recipe - and LOVE that it doesn't use canned soup!

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sgold72 August 24, 2011

This dish turned out sooo well! I substituted 3/4 cup cream cheese and 1/4 cup sour cream instead of the 1 cup of sour cream. I just happen to have only 1/4 cup sour cream on hand. WOW, the sauce was rich and delicious! Topped with diced tomatoes, chopped chives, taco sauce and shredded lettuce...YUM!

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carptowner July 18, 2011

Soo incredibly delicious, my families favorite enchilada recipe, I wont even order them when i go out anymore, the only change I make is I like the corn tortillas better than the flour. DELICIOUS!!!!

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supermommy83 June 24, 2011

These turn out so good and tasty. I added 1TLB of Cumin, some Cayenne Pepper, and salt and pepper. I used chicken I had on hand, shredded it, added it to the onion mixture. After serving we added pico de gallo. We live in Mexico and they don't have green chiles (really doesn't need it), go figure, only jalapeno peppers. These would be great with Charro Beans.

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sunmaiden19 April 22, 2011

Great recipe! But alas, I don't need to tell you this...looking at all the informative reviews, this recipe will not let you down. I followed this pretty closely, except after cooking my chicken, I used my smaller food processor to chop up the meat, the onion, and some jalapenos. Not to much! Be careful here, you don't want baby food. I just used this small chop for about 1-2 seconds, opened up, moved the contents around, and whirled about 1-2 more seconds. Warmed tortillas on non-stick with no-stick spray - and they became soft and pliable. Other then that, you're all set for a lovely dinner/lunch/or pot-luck. Go get em, Mildred....and enjoy! Thanks for posting!

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Andi of Longmeadow Farm April 18, 2011

My boyfriend and I both enjoyed this recipe. It wasn't the greatest thing I've ever made, but it was good for what it was! As for changes, I adapted some of the suggestions from other reviewers here, including adding garlic and cumin to the chicken-and-onion part of the recipe. I also tried to chop the chicken up as much as I possibly could, instead of just dicing it, per someone's advice here, and I think that worked out well. I'm also a big cheese fan, so I put a lot more of the monterey jack cheese both in and on top of the enchiladas than what the recipe mentioned, and I also added some leftover shredded mild cheddar cheese to both the inside and top of 'em. I used two cans of green chiles instead of just one, and I also added jalapenos (and a bit of the jalapeno juice), for some extra kick and flavor, on top of the enchiladas once all of the other ingredients were on top and before I put it all into the oven. Anywho, partnered the enchiladas with some quick Spanish rice for dinner that first night, and it was just great! Ate up all of the leftovers during the following few days. I'll probably make this again at some point... The only thing I could see doing differently is being sure to not have them in the oven for too long - the top was a bit hardened and crunchy rather than the softer, borderline-liquidy layer I had anticipated. It was still great and probably didn't make much difference, as everything underneath that layer was surely soft and moist, but would still like to try for next time!

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Queen JaLaNa April 17, 2011
Simply Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas