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Mmmm good cukes - I didn't peel them or take out seeds cause it was a skinny little cuke - I was amazed how so little vinegar can give so much flavor. I only made 1/2 an English cuke so cut everything back but I did the vinegar dressing at a ratio of 3 tbsp vinegar(2 + 1). I love the added crazy salt & chili flakes. If I were making the entire recipe I would put the cukes in a ziplock bag so I could keep turning them to get the vinegar evenly distributed on all the slices Thanks andi for a winner

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Bergy May 03, 2010

Yum yum yum! What a tasty salad, we especially love the tangy dressing. Made as directed but didn't bother to seed the cucs and had to make my own crazy salt. I'll make this all summer long. Thank you, Andi! Made for Down on the Farm tag in the food photo forum.

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BecR May 18, 2012

I used run of the mill New Jersey cukes and sliced them paper thin with a potato peeler! I also used white wine vinegar instead of the plain white vinegar and omitted the chili flakes. This is the first recipe besides my own that I have seen Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Salt in and I couldn't believe how it enhanced the other flavors. I also used fresh chives from my garden. My DH and I are in love with this lovely rendition of Cucumber salad! Thank you Andi so much for posting it! Made for the Diabetic forum's Tailgate Party tag.

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AcadiaTwo September 06, 2011

So easy and so delicious. I followed Bergy and left the peel on and seeds in as I was using an English cucumber. This was served at our cookout last night and everyone raved about them. Made for the Diabetic Forum and the Second Annual Tailgate Party.

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PaulaG September 05, 2011

This is a favorite, and I was about to make it again, and could not find my printed copy. I was hoping Andi had posted it here and she had. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe. If you think the red pepper flakes might be too hot, just put in less of it, but still use the pepper flakes. It's very refreshing, and almost like candy, although much healthier.

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~Bliss~ June 26, 2011

Super fantastic cucumber salad!!! I made 1/3 of the recipe and followed as written, as it was just DS's girlfriend and I that were eating them. I received a shaker of Crazy Jane's Mixed Up Salt in a recent swap I participated in from my partner and this was the first recipe to try it. After making the recipe as stated, the dressing tasted great, but I wanted even more of the salt, so gave a few more shakes. My DS's girlfriend just loved these cucumbers, said it was the best she had ever tasted. Thanks Andi for another winning recipe. Made for I Recommend Tag Game.

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diner524 March 04, 2011

I love a cucumber salad, this was another great one. I used a crazy salt recipe posted by Rita - only took a minute to make and I'm sure I'll use it for other things (although I'm sure you could skip it if need be). This recipe was a little different in that you have to leave the cukes to release some of their water for about an hour. That was a good step because there wasn't a pool of watered down dressing in the bottom of the bowl as there often is. Thanks Andi!

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magpie diner February 14, 2011

This is very tasty! I did everything per the recipe except for using red instead of white onion and adding a little extra vinegar. I'd never noticed it before but I found the Crazy Jane's salt at our regular grocery. Next time I would use even a little more vinegar and maybe a little less sugar (I tend to prefer tart dressings over sweet). Thanks for sharing!

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flower7 February 25, 2010

I was not sure what Emglish cucumbers where or what crazy salt was.....So I used my homegown Lebanese cucumbers and added some seasoning for the salt. I also thought I had white onions on hand but only had red salad onions, so I had to use them but everything else was as per recipe...although I didnt use pepper flakes, This recipe was really great ...even with the substitutes! I was not sure what to expect, but the cucumber still had crunch and was sweet and so very tasty. ...Just an all round great flavour! Loved by the whole family! Thanks Andi, for a really great recipe.

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Tisme January 28, 2010

Very tasty! I cut the recipe in half, left out the chives but added the red pepper flakes. It was delicious! Thanks for this one that's going in the keeper file.

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nemokitty January 08, 2010
Simply, Simple Cucumber Slices in Vinegar Dressing- Longmeadow