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This is a super-easy, savory recipe. It's great for busy work schedules or relaxed football days. I added sliced onion to cover the chops and threw in 6 halved red potatoes. Everything cooked to perfection when I set the crock pot to a low (8 hour) temp. Trust your recipe: you do NOT need to add any liquid. The meat release a good amount of juice during cooking. (Cooking 5 chops, I ended up with half a crock pot full of liquid - perfect for making a quick gravy.)

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shytess October 05, 2013

I made this yesterday, my hubby and son are "picky" so this was simple enough... I must admit, I was very apprehensive to leave for work all day without adding any water to crock pot, so I added just a little to the seasoning mix before I poured it over the roast. When I got home from work, it was just right! I was really glad to see my house didn't burn down from no water in the crock pot....I am now a believer of "no water needed" I never realized that!!! I must say, it was very tender and we all LOVED the flavor, even my "picky" eaters! I intend to make it again! Thanks *Parsley*

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Teterlynn June 08, 2013

I was concerned that the lemon juice would be overpowering, so reduced it to 2 tbsp which was perfect for us, but otherwise I followed as written. This is really easy to prepare. I ended up with about 1 cup of juices at the end of cooking time (I had not added any water to the crockpot). I think this would be good with some quartered potatoes, onions and carrots added too. Thanks for the recipe.

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mums the word January 26, 2014

I put this in the crockpot before I went to work in the morning. I mixed the seasons together and spread it over the pork. Drizzled the lemon juice over it and turned it on low. No need to add any water. It was so tender and the juice was very flavorful. Couldn't have been easier. DD, who is not a big fan of pork even ate it!

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whtbxrmom September 12, 2012

Simply scrumptious! I wanted to do something different with the 2-3 lbs of pork cuts I had stored away in my freezer. I forgot to label the type of pork I had, but I usually use it for bar-b-q pulled pork. I cooked mine on high setting. It was tender enough after 3 1/2 hrs. I shredded the meat, and let cook another 1/2 hr. The house smelled sooo good. I served w/ South African Yellow Rice With Cinnamon and Raisins - South African Yellow Rice w/ Cinnamon and Raisins...which only added to the great aroma! hmmm good! Thanks for sharing!

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Chef Treenie July 22, 2011

It was really a super easy meal!! I used about 3 lb frozen Pork loin (I didn't defrost the meat). <br/><br/>I did follow the recipe but I added few more ingredients. I added 1 can of chicken broth, 6 red potatoes and 5 carrots. I cooked in the crock pot in high for 6 hrs from 9am, then by 3pm I changed the setting to low. It turned out really good, moist and very flavorful. My whole house smelled so good!! Me, my 4yr old boy and my husband all enjoyed it every much!! I def will make it again. <br/><br/>The sauce was good and I wish it had more liquid. So next time I will add 1 more can of chicken broth.

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luckyme623 November 08, 2013

Hmm, not really sure what I may've done wrong since others liked it so much, but this didn't turn out well for me. The meat had a weird texture--fell apart when I tried to cut. May have been b/c the tenderloin was previously frozen, but have never had problems before. Cooked on low for 7 hours.

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StacyMD187373 July 29, 2014

Very nice, started to dry out a bit towards the end, so I took the green beans that I had simmering on the stovetop in broth and poured over and let the flavors meld a little. Served with baked sweet potatoes. I didn't have parsley, so I didn't add it (didn't miss it either). Thanks for sharing!

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Larawithoutau December 19, 2013

I made this for our Sunday dinner. I didn't have all the individual spices, but did have a Mrs. Dash blend that had them in there together, so I used that. I did forget to put the lemon juice in......doh, but will try it with the next one. SUPER DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!! I've been trying to get my family to eat a pork roast other than BBQ, and now I've got it. Everyone wanted 2nd's. So good it makes your mouth water.

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Snipet August 28, 2013

This is the first meal I made in my new slow cooker/rice cooker. I'm so happy I chose this simple recipe! Thank you so much.

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iam3v1lj3nn1 May 10, 2013
Simply Delicious Crock Pot Pork Loin