Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 4 mins

It's fresh corn season and this is the BEST way to enjoy its perfect sweetness. Easy and quick too.


  1. Remove husks and silks from corn.
  2. Place a dish towel over cutting board. Stand corn up on end and using sharp knife slide down cob cutting off all the kernels. Go all the way around. Pick up towel and then pour kernels into medium sauce pan. (The towel keeps the kernels from bouncing all over the place.).
  3. Using dull side of knife, scrape any "milk" from the cob into pan.
  4. Repeat with remaining corn.
  5. Pour in water. Place lid on pan. Heat to boil and cook 3 minutes. Turn off heat. Let pan set one minute.
  6. Using lid as strainer pour off all water. Stir in butter until melted. Salt to taste.
Most Helpful

Good and simple way to make corn. I followed the recipe as written and we all enjoyed this as a side dish with dinner tonight.

bmcnichol August 20, 2009

We tried this corn tonight, and it was delicious!!! What a great way to make fresh corn when you're tired of coc. I served with Mediterranean Chicken and boiled potatoes. I'm definitely going to make this again this summer. Thanks for a great recipe!!!

pgarrison12 August 18, 2009

After buying 2 dozen ears of corn at the farmers' market, we were getting tired of eating it on the cob. What a simple way to make it seem a little different. Will definitely use this method again.

PugGrannie August 10, 2009