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Delicious creation, Chef! I wanted to thank you for reviewing my 13 Bean Crock Pot Soup, but your zmail is turned off, so I decided trying one of your recipes was an even better idea! :) I had frozen salmon, but decided to buy some fresh since I needed the Inglehoffer mustard anyway. I know I could have used whatever brand I have in my fridge right now, but condiments like this can really vary between brands and I wanted to stay true to your recipe, as it pretty much hinges on the right balance of sweet to hot in the mustard. I have to say, I was not disappointed! Super quick and easy recipe, although my fish was pretty thick and it took a bit longer to cook, we were still eating inside of 30 minutes. I served it alongside a 7-layer salad. Thanks for sharing your creation, Chef! :D

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**Tinkerbell** January 27, 2011
Simple Sweet-Hot Mustard Salmon