Simple Soy Dipping Sauce

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

An easy to make all-purpose soy dipping sauce for dumplings, potstickers, egg rolls, lettuce wraps, fondue dip, and cooked meats such as chicken wings and seafood. I make it and use a funnel to put the sauce into an empty glass salad dressing jar but any other jar would do.From an old magazine clipping.


  1. Combine all ingredients thoroughly.
  2. Add a pinch of hot red pepper flakes if you like heat.
Most Helpful

There were only two things about this recipe that I regretted. First, I forgot to buy green onions (which I happen to love in my Asian dipping sauce) and second, there was not enough of this sauce for the 20 egg rolls I made. Really fantastic, enhanced the flavor of my egg rolls and put them over the top. BF liked it very much too. Thanks foodtvfan!

Kumquat the Cat's friend August 20, 2007

i love potstickers and this is a wonderful dipping sauce

Dienia B. August 14, 2007