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I noted that the fat content is a bit high in the Nutrition Facts. This can be reduced by spraying the chicken pieces. Using an oil spray will greatly reduce the fat content.
The receipe is very easy to modify: number of chicken pieces, crumb types, seasoning (take dried chilies and grind them to a powder), etc. I can even see using other meats, e.g., fish, pork chops, slices of pork tenderloin . . .

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ChuckMac February 26, 2011

This is soooo delicious. Really easy, and the flavour is amazing. Just enough cayanne to warm your tastebuds. I used panko crumbs in place of the cracker crumbs. I baked two bone-in chicken breasts, and after shaking the topping on in a plastic bag, sprayed with cooking spray and then added more of the mix on top, I've tried lots of 'oven fried' recipes, but this is by far the best. Thanks Baby Kato! Made for Auzzie/NZ Recipe Swap #28

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Diana #2 May 07, 2009

I made this as for 4 serves though I was only serving 3 and used 3 maryland cuts (thigh and drumstick/leg intact). Made as per recipe except I used finely grated sharp cheddar as I am the only one who likes parmesan (the others refer to is as stinky or sphew cheese especially when cooked), the end result after an hour of baking at 175C fan forced was moist and very crispy chicken, thank you Baby Kato, made for Aussie/Kiwi Recipe Swap #73 February 2013.

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I'mPat February 19, 2013

This is an awesome recipe. I used the full amount of cayenne and it gave it a really nice kick! Thanks for sharing. I will make it again.

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Lainey6605 December 10, 2011

I used saltine crumbs. I had a little trouble getting the coating to stick, so I patted most of it on top. The chicken was deliciously flavored, and very moist. I even enjoyed the skin, which I usually dislike. Great recipe, thanks for posting!

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Chocolatl October 04, 2011

Fabulous and easy chicken! I used boneless/skinless chicken breasts and just decreased the cook time to about 35-40 min. For the favorite cracker crumbs, I used crushed up Rice Chex. The topping provided great crunch and flavor and the chicken remained moist. I loved the hint of spice from the cayenne pepper, too. This will be a family favorite. Thank you!

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LifeIsGood May 09, 2011

This was REALLY, REALLY good! I used a big pack of chicken thighs and doubled the toppings. After I coated the chicken with the mix, I sprinkled the leftover coating mix on top of the chicken. Cooking time was perfect! The best part was all the cooked coating mix stuck to the foil between the pieces of chicken!!

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SteelerSue July 09, 2008

This recipe should be called Delicious Simple Simon Chicken! I used plain saltine crackers and 3 huge chicken breasts. The seasonings were perfect. I did bake a full hour, but I should have checked them at 45 minutes as they got a bit dry (my fault). I will make this again for a quick weeknight meal. Very tastey indeed :) Made for ZWT4 Family Picks

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Brenda. July 04, 2008

MADE FOR ZWT4. I had a whole chicken, and husband asked me not to cut it up; he loves whole chicken! So I made a "flattie" -- cut the chicken down the breast, took out the breast bones, and pushed it flat. I used dry seasoned bread crumbs, more mustard than the recipe specified, and in the place of cayenne pepper I used a good teaspoon of dried, flaked, hot chilli peppers. Otherwise I didn't change a thing. My only problem was that this delicious chicken is not very photogenic!!! It's beige, and that's that! But it was delicious. I seasoned the underside with the same crumb mixture and added some seasoned salt mixture as well, then covered it with a foil for half the roasting time in case it burned. Then I took off the foil, but because the coating is dry it does not actually go golden brown. On one photo the strange veggie you see is uniquely South African: it's the unopened flowers of an edible pond lily! ("Waterblomme" - "water flowers") I cooked it with chopped potatoes, onion, and lemon juice. It is a delicious veggie accompaniment! Thank you, Baby Kato, for a coating I will use again!

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Zurie June 27, 2008

Who would have guessed an oven baked chicken could look so crisp! I used regular cracker crumbs,chicken pieces equal to one whole chicken and made as posted right down to the sea salt - and wouldn't change a thing. The seasonings were just right for our tastes and loved that it was so crisp and juicy. Have that copy right close by to be making again!

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Gerry November 28, 2007
Simple Simon Chicken