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Delicious, delightful, delicate cookies. I added 1/4 t. salt just because I like a little salt with my sweet. I scooped them with my small cookie scoop, made a dent with my thumb, and filled with raspberry perserves. My whole family loved them.

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Easycookn October 23, 2007

Excellent. I melted the butter in the microwave, added the powdered sugar, blended, added the flour, waited 20 minutes, and started baking. This is one VERY good cookie!

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Chef Henri Kingfish December 13, 2009

Delicious and so easy! I made these a little different than stated, because I wanted to use them as a base for a cookie bar I was experimenting around with. I halved the recipe and pressed it into the bottom of a parchment lined 11x7 pan instead of rolling it out and then baked as directed. Thanks for a great recipe, Mirj!

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~cbw~ March 03, 2004

Made this on 3 days in a row because my boys and I couldn't get enough of them! My 6 year old added milk chocolate chips to the recipe and they turned out great! One suggestion that made them formed more evenly, therefore baked much better, was to form the dough into a roll in aluminum foil and let it sit in the fridge for about an hour, then take it out and slice it into 1/4 inch thick cookies. It was much easier than rolling out the dough and getting all the cookies the same size. My Mom even asked for the recipe tonight after experimenting! Thanks!

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Nancy Clarissa December 12, 2009

I just used this recipe in a primary school cooking class. It was a smashing success. If you have a problem with it being too dry (which can happen after rolling out a few times) just add a tiny bit of water and it'll be the perfect consistency. Thanks for a super simple, delecable cookie recipe!

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LynneBethany December 01, 2008

These are so buttery! They are about the only cookie I can eat one of and be satisfied. The recipe works with granulated sugar instead of powdered too.

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Raichka January 18, 2008

wonderful! I found they weren't too sticky, but just right if you aren't stingy with the flour on the table and rolling pin. They come out nice and flaky if you don't over work the dough. I added 1/2 cup of crushed pecans once (my favorite way) and dipped a side of each in melted chocolate once, which was also nice, but they are good even just plain. thank you for such an easy recipe!

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TooManyRoommates May 06, 2013

This is the first time I have ever made or eaten homemade shortbread cookies. My oldest is headed off to college in the fall. I'm looking for good mail to college cookie recipes. I thought gosh these are so simple they just can't be very good. Actually, they're excellent. I was sure they had too little sugar or needed vanilla. But I followed the recipe. The only thing I did differently was shape the dough into a rectangle, chill then slice and bake. I also sifted the flour. The recipe is good as it is written I think. I'm glad I tried these. They were simple and yummy. Watch out though these are rich! In my excitement I ate four of them. Now I wish I hadn't haha. Next time I will control myself. Thanks for sharing this yummy recipe.

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maryandkevinaz April 24, 2013

These are very yummy and super easy! I found that to roll them out, I needed to add quite a bit more flour though, as it was kind of a sticky dough. I was thankful there was no chill time, I bake with 3 little boys & a baby--I don't have time to chill the dough, then cut it out, then bake it. :) Thank you for the simple recipe that was quick to make with my kids!!

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SeriousMoms March 13, 2008

Color! When rolling out or forming into a log/square...drop a teeny bit of food color...i use 1-3 different colors in different places on the dough. Work it through for a tie-dye look(delicately). Fun and so pretty!

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SoupNutsi September 19, 2015
Simple Shortbread Cookies