Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 30 mins

These are perfect for those diet times when you want something that feels like dessert.

Ingredients Nutrition

  • 4 bosc pears, large, halved and cored
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • spice island pumpkin pie spice (or any combo of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, etc.)
  • 14 cup almonds, slivered, toasted


  1. Lightly grease 8 half-pear shapes on a baking sheet.
  2. Sprinkle Pumpkin Pie Spice liberally over the buttered areas.
  3. Place each cored, UNPEELED pear half on each greased spot.
  4. Bake at 350° (180°C) for 20-30 minutes, until the pears are oozing and a fork goes in easily.
  5. Cool on the pan.
  6. Serve warm with cut sides up, sprinkled with the slivered, toasted almonds.
Most Helpful

Could not get bosc pears so used a French Silk pears which worked out perfectly and were so cream and silky that each bite was a sheer delight. The pumpkin pie spice and slivered almonds offered a wonderful contrast to the sweet silky French Silk pears. Thanks so much for the post.

Debbwl October 06, 2012

Wonderful, and so easy. The pumpkin pie spice adds a lovely flavor, and it smells so good while cooking. Thanks for sharing! PAC Spring '12

Starrynews March 24, 2012