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PanNan, I simply can't believe that this recipe was posted in August of 2002 and hasn't been reviewed until now! How moist, tender and flavorful can one simple pot roast be?? So easy to prepare, slowly roasting in the oven over a period of hours to attain the perfect tender roast! I did everything as directed, eliminating the wine in the gravy, as personal perferences dictated. ;) We enjoyed this roast so very much and will obviously be enjoying it many more times to come! thank you PanNan, for posting this fabulous recipe for all of us to enjoy!

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Bev March 24, 2003

What a wonderful aroma we had in the house this afternoon. The taste didn't disappoint at all. I did add the wine in to deglaze the pan before adding in the broth. It worked fine and tasted wonderful. I added in the carrots and potatoes 45 min. before it was done and they were great. The reduced broth is really what makes this recipe different than my usual pot roast. I will def. use this method again. Thanks for sharing your delicious recipe.

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GaylaV September 27, 2009

I have grown up with Sunday pot roast I wouldn't have believe I could make one better than Moms! But I did and she thought so too. I didn't use red wine. I did add carrots and whole red potatoes. They needed more time I will add them 30 min earlier next time. I also added a quartered onion. I pulled out the carrots and potatoes and then with a slotted spoon removed all the "yucky stuff" according to my kids. That means all the large vegetables. I then blender-ized them. I would have used an emulsion blender if I had one. The I added it back to the pan brought to a boil and simmered till reduced then added a couple spoon fulls of powered gravy to thicken it up. Not enough gravy!!! We were all licking it with our fingers, Best gravy ever!! This is now my official pot roast recipe! Thank you Derf

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Sheila the Great August 04, 2008

I made this for dinner last night and it was excellent!I used a scant 1/2 teaspoon of dried thyme as I didn't have any fresh on hand . Other than that, I followed the recipe exactly. The roast was falling-apart tender and the rich brown sauce was delicious! I added cut up potatoes, carrot chunks and quartered onions for the last 45 minutes of cooking time. Then removed the veggies and roast and used my stick blender to emulsify the cooked smaller veggies and thickened the sauce with some Wondra flour to make a rich and flavorful gravy, DH is now happily enjoying some leftovers for lunch! This is definitely going into my "keeper" file. Thanks for posting this,PanNan!

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Leslie in Texas February 07, 2008

I've used this recipe for both beef and pork roasts since I found it a couple of months ago. We love it. I follow the recipe as is for the beef roast and for the Boston butt I add Old Bay to the salt and pepper and eliminate the wine. I make it from start to finish in my cast iron Dutch oven, turning only once. I roast for an hour per pound and it seems to work whether I'm using a 2 pound or 4 pound roast. The sauce is wonderful as both an Au Jus or thickened for a gravy. This is a top of the line, A-one pot roast. Thanks for posting Pan Nan and it was my loss it took me so long to find. I'll be making this often.

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Deely August 05, 2013

Entirely wonderful. I added carrots, celery, potatoes and onions an hour before done. And didn't do the 'remove meat and make sauce.' The au jus was terrific "as is."

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BarbryT December 31, 2011

Excellent recipe! I cooked it in the pressure cooker on high for one hour. Came out perfect and saved 2 hours (I omitted the extra water in the recipe). After the meat was finished, I removed it and cooked new potatoes and baby carrots on high pressure for 5 minutes.

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metsa November 11, 2010

Excellent! This is my first roast and it turned out great. I used balsamic vinegar instead of the wine. Thanks!

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najwa November 21, 2008

The best pot roast I have ever made (and probably ever had, too!) As many have already commented, I think it's the slow oven roasting and, more importantly, the regular turning of the meat that made this so wonderful. I used a larger piece of much leaner beef than the chuck roast (4-1/2 lb. rump roast) and starting testing for doneness after about 2 hours. It took closer to 3-1/2, but your suggestion that the meat fork should slip in and out easily was great advice. That's the kind of advice my mother used to give me, when I was in my 20s, and we were on the phone and she was walking me through every step of trying to replicate one of her "signature dishes" - not that such terms were used back then. The cooking broth made a great gravy base. I did as many other commenters did, made a roux, added all the mirepoix back into the stock, then pureed it with an immersion blender. I didn't add the wine (I have a persnickety family) but the gravy was outstanding. I usually don't like to see reviews where the recipe has been altered, but this is one of those basically excellent recipes - for technique, flavor profiles, etc. - and the comments here are so great, that I wanted to share my own experience. Thank you so much for posting this recipe. And thanks for the very down to earth cooks on here.

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Demelza120 April 03, 2016

For anyone that has not made a pot roast, this recipe is perfect. It is straight-forward, accurate and simple instructions. The results are the perfect pot roast! The name is apropos! I do like to use parsnips and I eliminate the sugar. Rather than sugar, after I brown the meat, I deglaze with a quarter cup of dry vermouth or white wine.

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WhoCares October 10, 2013
Simple Perfect Pot Roast