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Awesome and simple! A house favorite?

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Ida1220 May 23, 2016

THE BEST! Easy, simple and fast French Toast. My fiancee's daughter (10 yo) spends the weekends over here and she asked me to make French Toast for breakfast. I had never made it so I had to find a classic-simple recipe. This one could not be better for me. Every weekend she comes we make this recipe. This morning she even help me prepare it. :) I do doble the recipe, since the adults eat at least 2; and ususally I can use more slices of bread then just. Thank you!

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Weiner's Mom March 29, 2009

Thanks so much for a recipe that lives up to its name! This was both simple and perfect. I really enjoyed the end product!

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Nonnie4Two June 02, 2008

Lives up to its claim. Alexi is lucky; her Mom makes French toast the same way Roosie's and mine does (including Roosie's addition of vanilla and toppings of cinnamon-sugar and honey, and always whole wheat bread). She doesn't use a recipe or measure, though, so it's good to have this out in the world. I seldom eat French toast for breakfast, but I love it as a late-night snack.

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Nose November 29, 2004

After scouring the internet and RecipeZaar for a BASIC French Toast recipe, to no avail- I finally found this! I had printed up a "Classic French Toast" recipe from Martha Stewart's website, but I realized this morning that it called for 6 eggs and 1 1/2 cups of milk for only 6 slices of bread and I recalled a previous soggy fiasco that I experienced trying to make just plain ole' French Toast before, so I had to search again before breakfast. I'm so lucky I found this- for some reason on the internet, basic recipes seem to get overlooked. I was not looking for French Toast stuffed with oranges and berries and cream cheese and so forth. I was not looking for fried French Toast (which I did end up making before in desperation). I was not looking for overnight baked French Toast stratas with nuts and chocolate chips. I just wanted FRENCH TOAST! And I got it!!! This recipe made the perfect amount of dipping-stuff for 4 slices of toast- I used Trader Joe's Whole Wheat Orange Bread (which, interestingly enough, contains "Whole Oranges" as the 4th ingredient). YUMMY. I added a splash (~1/4 tsp) vanilla extract and about a Tbs of sugar and some cinnamon, which I think really gave the toast a better flavor. I don't know why I've had so many problems with French Toast- it seems like it would be so simple, but all the recipes I've tried before have been too eggy (you end up with fried eggs on the outside of your toast) or too milky (sogggggggy) among other things. This is perfect. And the perfect sized recipe for my BF and I to share (I don't know where you get off thinking that this makes FOUR servings of this yummy stuff!!). I like my French Toast with honey and cinnamon-sugar and my BF likes it with maple syrup and this was equally enjoyed by both parties. I will definitely be using this recipe regularly from now on. Thanks again!

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Roosie October 27, 2003
Simple Perfect French Toast