Simple Onion Mushroom Quesadillas

Total Time
Prep 5 mins
Cook 15 mins

Quick and easy.

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  1. Heat a skillet to medium heat and fry onion in a bit of oil or butter. When onion is translucent, add mushrooms and cook until mushrooms have released their juice and the onion is a little browned, about 5 minutes or so. Remove and reserve in a bowl when done.
  2. Using the same skillet, turn the heat down to medium-low: butter one side of a tortilla and place the buttered side down on the skillet, add some onion/mushroom mix and shredded cheddar cheese. Place another tortilla on top, but with the buttered side facing towards you. Cook for a couple minutes, until cheese starts to melt and the bottom tortilla is lightly browned. Flip and repeat. Remove from skillet and repeat with remaining ingredients.
  3. Cut in quarters and serve. It's good on it's own, or with typical condiments like sour cream and salsa.
Most Helpful

Now this was good and simple. I used Monterey Jack Cheese and put some salsa in with it and it came out really good. My hubby had a smart idea to put some sausage in there and make a little breakfast wrap out of it. I'm gonna have to try that. Thanks for posting.

Momma Vickie November 03, 2009

What a pleasant surprise...this was really good...I made only one for the two of us for a little snack...cooks up quick...thanks for posting it...made for Fall PAC 2012

teresas October 28, 2012

Very yummy and simple to make! I make cheese quesadillas all the time for my kids, but this recipe makes it a little more interesting for the grownups. I used a combination of colby jack and cheddar. I think next time I'll add some shredded leftover grilled chicken for a heartier meal. Thanks for posting! This was made for Fall PAC '09.

mlao77 September 21, 2009